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   May 22

How to make paper logs

The logmaker comes in 2 parts; an outer tube and an inner plunger, first remove the inner plunger from the outer sleeve. Then lay a sheet of newspaper on a table and place the outer tube on it so that the top lip is about 3cm or so above the end of the newspaper. Next [...]

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   May 13

Bumblebee Nesters Help Save the Bumblebee

Bumblebees are a welcome sight in any garden, the sound of their droning as they hover from flower to flower is all part of a summer’s day. The UK had 27 species, but sadly 3 are nationally extinct, and others are seriously threatened. The changes to farming practices have had a major impact in the numbers of bumblebees, the actual number of lowland [...]

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   May 10

UK’s First Wetsuit Amnesty Newquay

My local Rip Curl store held the UK’s first wetsuit amnesty this week and it proved to be a massive success. Over 100 old wetsuits were handed in during the day with everyone who brought in a wetsuit receiving a free pair of “Project Resurrection” flip flops that are made from recycled neoprene from wetsuits.  [...]

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