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   Jun 29

The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things we do for our health. Sleep is crucial for maintaining our minds and body and a lack of sleep can not only make it difficult to concentrate it can increase the risk of developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a host of infections. While there are many [...]

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   Jun 27

Making the Most of Summer – Green ideas to get the best out of the sunshine (part two)

Any time you invest in the garden during the summer will pay you back next year when you can see all your work bloom. There is more to gardening that just planting seeds and mowing the lawn though. Rejuvenating the garden with new plants can be simple to do. Although any new plants need to [...]

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   Jun 25

Making the Most of Summer – Green ideas to get the best out of the sunshine (part one)

For some of us the summertime can be far too brief. A few hot weeks and before you know it the leaves on the trees start to change and autumn has arrived and signals the end of the summer months. This can often leave us frustrated that we didn’t take advantage of the sunshine when [...]

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   Jun 24

Green gifts don’t have to be dull gifts

We are all being told about the impact we have on our environment and increasingly we are becoming more conscious of our actions and lifestyle choices. Part of this is what we buy as a consumer not just for ourselves but for other people too. When it comes to birthdays and Christmas presents many of [...]

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   Jun 22

Photographing Nature – Nesting Birds

One of the greatest challenges in nature and particularly bird photography is collecting images of hatchlings as they grow to adulthood. Documenting the incredible stories of baby birds in a with a nesting box camera as the parents look them after until they can fly the nest can be exhilarating and bring a genuine tear [...]

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   Jun 20

5 Eco Ideas That Make Real Savings

We are all told about the impact we are having on the environment and we are all encouraged to buy eco-friendly products as greener alternatives, however, many eco ideas cost many and whatever savings they make to the environment impact our wallets too. However the advantages of living a greener and more natural way, recycling [...]

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   Jun 19

The Pleasure of a Pure Wool Duvet

Getting into a warm cosy bed at the end of a hard day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Getting beneath a nice soft duvet can be like slipping into a nice warm bath – heavenly. However, if our bedding is made of synthetics it can crackle as we slip in and can be icy [...]

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   Jun 18

Dry your clothes the natural way

Drying clothes where there is no outdoor space or when it’s raining has always been troublesome. However, as we are all realising the environmental impact of using a tumble dryer, there has been resurgence in old-fashioned methods such as the clothes airer or clotheshorse. Whilst there are always going to be some who love the [...]

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   Jun 17

The Five Great Green Ideas This Summer

The promise of a good summer keeps many people going throughout the winter. The chance to turn off the heating and spend a few lazy afternoons in the garden not only saves us money but the summer months are the best opportunity to put into practice all those green ideas that you’ve been thinking about. [...]

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   Jun 15

Five Eco-Friendly Summer Tips

The summer is not only a great opportunity to recycle, help the environment and save money it is also a fantastic time to have some fun and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the sunshine whilst helping the environment too. Here are ten great eco-gift ideas to help you make the most of [...]

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