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   Jul 30

Global Warming – What can you really do?

Many of us now know the danger that global warming poses and we are aware of the consequences if we do not make an effort to reduce our carbon footprints. Climate change is already affecting our planet and things will only get worse but what can we really do? Many of us couldn’t (or wouldn’t) [...]

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   Jul 19

Prevent Energy Wastage – Monitor Your Usage

We all now that our energy bills are rising and we are also aware what damage to the environment our energy use is making. Yet, drastic reductions in energy bills can be made, reducing our carbon footprints and saving £££’s just by cutting down on waste. Identifying where and when we are wasting power has [...]

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   Jul 15

Fun with worms

Now summer’s here we want to be doing everything we can to keep our garden’s looking good without resorting to harsh chemicals. There are plenty of great eco-friendly ways of keeping your lawns and bloom lush and some come from extremely strange quarters. Composting is something many of us do to get nutrients back into [...]

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   Jul 06

Solar powered laptop chargers – at last an office in the sun

The summer is eagerly awaited by most of us but there is nothing worse than when the heat wave starts to be stuck at work in our offices or homes glued to the computer screen. If you are like me you probably spend most of your time staring out the window wishing you were enjoying [...]

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   Jul 05

At last – stylish eco friendly clothing thanks to bamboo

Living in an eco-friendly way can sometimes mean compromise and in many areas of our lives we accept this but in others we simply can’t. Looking good and wearing stylish clothes is more than just a fashion statement for many of us it is the key to helping us feel confident. There have been eco-friendly [...]

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   Jul 03

Green Innovations and Gifts for Him, Her and Them

Buying green can be challenging enough when it is eco-friendly products for just ourselves, trying to get the rest of the family motivated by green ideas and environmental issues can be a real challenge. Cries of ‘I’m not wearing that,’ from the kids or, ‘I’m not eating that muck,’ from your dearest and nearest can [...]

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