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   Aug 30

Energy Saving Monitors – Review

Energy saving monitors are a great way to cut down on your electricity bills and help reduce your carbon footprint. Thee are a wide variety of energy saving monitors here are several of the best: Efergy Elite The  advantage of the Efergy Elite is the in-depth memory function. This enables the user to see exactly [...]

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   Aug 28

A Guide to: Heat Saving – reducing bills and your carbon footprint

Keeping warm in the winter is often responsible for a large part of our electric and gas bills and as a result causes an increase in carbon pumped out into the environment as power stations struggle to keep up with our demand. However, heating our homes needn’t be expensive or costly to the environment, so [...]

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   Aug 27

Monitoring Your Energy Use

If, like me, you are trying to live an eco friendly life and want to be environmentally aware, then you will I’m sure, be trying to reduce your carbon footprint. We are constantly being told to cut down on our consumption of energy and are encouraged to get rid of our gas guzzling cars for [...]

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   Aug 25

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Housework it seems is never done and often it is all too easy to resort to harsh chemicals and energy guzzling appliances to get our chores done. These shortcuts can save us bags of time but quite often they have a negative effect on the environment. However, there are many natural methods and eco-friendly ways [...]

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   Aug 23

Washing Clothes the Eco Friendly Way

Looking after our clothes and ensuring they-re clean is an uphill task at the best of times. Loading the washing machine, separating whites and colours, drying and ironing them and then finally putting them away. We may have the advantage of washing machines, tumble driers and modern detergents but that doesn’t mean that laundry day [...]

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   Aug 20

How to Make Your Garden Green

Spending time in the garden is a great way to get back to nature. But it is all to easy to rely on modern and environmentally damaging methods of gardening and can be quite difficult to ensure we are gardening in an eco-friendly way. Achieving great results in the garden needn’t mean you have to [...]

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   Aug 16

Eco Friendly Gadgets

We all love our modern gadgets. The average person probably owns Mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, video games consoles, DVD players, CD players, computers, laptops, flats screens, DAB radios and a whole host of other items. But are these myriad of gizmos and gadgets environmentally friendly? Unfortunately many of the gadgets we use are not. [...]

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   Aug 15

Water, Bottles, Waste and the Damage to the Environment

Water is perhaps the most precious item on the planet. It may not be worth very much compared to gold or oil but without it we would perish very quickly as many people around the world unfortunately do. Many of us living an eco friendly lifestyle know that wasting water is damaging to the environment [...]

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   Aug 13

Getting the Most out of Recycling

Recycling is something more and more people are becoming aware of. We all know the Earth’s resources are limited and that we all have a responsibility to live in an eco-friendly way. Yet, recycling, rather than be a chore, can in fact both save us money and help make us cash! The term recycling often [...]

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   Aug 13

Can clothes be organic?

If you try and live an eco-friendly lifestyle then organic food, will I’m sure, be part of you weekly shopping but this article explores the growing interest in organic clothing. Organic food has been with us a long time and it enables us to not only ensure we are not consuming chemicals and pesticides in [...]

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