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   Sep 28

Bamboo Clothes: Sustainable, Organic, Comfortable and Stylish

Three has never been much of a choice when it comes to buying eco friendly clothes. Traditionally, organic and green clothing has always been a little twee, many of it made from uncomfortable fibres such as hemp. Things have got slightly better in recent years and there is now quite a range or organic cotton [...]

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   Sep 25

Being Green at Work – The Eco Office

If, like me, you try and live as green and environmentally friendly as you can, you’ll buy eco friendly products, cycle when you can, drive an economical car and ensure you don’t waste electricity. However, being green at home is all well and good but what about at work? After all, many of us spend [...]

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   Sep 23

The Eco-friendly Baby – Green Baby Clothes

Having a baby I soften a time when we can get carried away. Prams, pushchairs, bibs, clothes, toys and rattles. There seems so much to get and so little time to get it. Often expense and opportunity play a hand and many new mothers are not too concerned about where the baby’s clothes and equipment [...]

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   Sep 21

Log Making – Winter Warming Tip

Well it seems summer is over and as bad as it is for the environment it’s time to turn the heating on. But for those of you with an open fire or Aga stove, there is a great little device that can save you money and make fuel from waste paper. The log maker can [...]

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   Sep 19

Recycling and Recycling Bins

Recycling is now part of nearly everybody’s life. ‘Taking out the trash’ now involves more than just dumping a black bag out the front for the dustman or garbage collector to pick up. Recycling is now not just an ethical past time but in many areas is also a legal civic duty, with fines and [...]

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   Sep 17

Eco Friendly Tips to living Green

Being eco friendly way or living in an environmentally friendly way is often preached to us from the media, government, friends and colleagues. But eco friendly living can often be confusing with mixed messages coming from different quarters. For instance some people claim bio-diesel is a green fuel as it produces les CO2 than conventional [...]

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   Sep 12

The latest Products from Greenstamp

As we are committed to bringing you the latest eco-friendly products and innovations here at Greenstamp. Please check out our latest eco friendly ideas: Wall Mounted Clothes Airer To complement our range of clothes airers we bring you the  Sun Maid clothes airer. This Victorian design has been brought into the 21st century. This space [...]

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   Sep 10

Ethical Clothing – But what about the environment?

Many of us are now aware of where our clothes and other products come from. We are aware that many mass produced clothes can often come from dubious practices. Child labour and other unethical practices are no being stamped out throughout the fashion industry but what about the environment? Many of our clothes are manufactured [...]

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   Sep 06

Old Fashioned Light Bulbs to be Outlawed

From 1 September, traditional filament light bulbs are to be banned by the EU, meaning the only light bulbs available throughout the EU will be energy saving bulbs. Traditional light bulbs are to be outlawed because of the amount of energy they consume. Compared to an energy saving bulbs; they consume five times more power [...]

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   Sep 03

Dry your clothes the natural way

Now we’re all realising the environmental impact of using tumble dryer to dry clothes where there is no outdoor space or just if it’s raining there has been a resurgence in the old fashioned clothes airer. These ceiling mounted airers simply use the rising heat in our home to dry the clothes. Placing them nearer [...]

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