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   Oct 29

All Natural Smellies for Christmas by Richard N Williams

Smellies and Fragrances are a great gift for Christmas as they are ideal for almost anyone. We now stok all natural gift boxes that contain no chemicals, are not tested on animals and are 100% natural and synthetic. They are made from plant origin with no harsh synthetics, preservatives or artificial colours and yet contain [...]

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   Oct 27

Green Gifts for Christmas by Richard N Williams

Christmas is a time of exuberance. We all eat far too much and spend too much money. But our indulgences have an effect on the environment too. At Christmas we use far more energy and produce a lot more waste than any time of year. While we may be able to reduce our waistlines and [...]

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   Oct 24

Growing Your Own Vegetables Just Got Easier by Richard N Williams

Living the ‘good life’ is often a dream for many of us who live in a city. Having fresh vegetables, organically grown on your own land would be an absolute pleasure but for many of us without the green finger knowledge the prospect looks too daunting. The first problem many of us face is space. [...]

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   Oct 22

Eco Chic – Green Clothing Tips by Richard N Williams

Eco chic is a term that is being increasingly used in the media and fashion magazines. Eco chic is the combination of style and living green. And while following fashion is never cheap buying green clothes doesn’t have to be expensive. Shopping environmentally for clothes and looking for eco clothing is lot easier now than [...]

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   Oct 20

Five Ways to Save on Your Energy Bills this Winter by Richard N Williams

It’s that time of year again when the nights are starting to draw in and heating is being turned up. It’s nearly Christmas and while that brings a lot of things to look forward to, it also brings with it large bills, and your winter electricity bill can be one of the biggest. But cutting [...]

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   Oct 17

Pure Highway DAB gets Green Stamp from the Gadget Show

The Pure Highway DAB Radio has been tested on the Channel Five Television programme – The Gadget Show. The prime-time show tested the in-car DAB device that connects to your existing car radio and gave it he thumbs up. Jon Bentley show producer and presenter said the Pure Highway DAB Radio “worked very well indeed.” [...]

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   Oct 14

Why Buy an Energy Monitor? By Richard N Williams

Controlling your energy use is beneficial to not just the environment but keeping a handle on how much energy is being consumed can save a fortune on your energy bills. We are all aware of the benefits and savings of driving a more economical car nut often we neglect to consider how much energy we [...]

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   Oct 12

Water Softner – Save Money and Washing Machine Breakdowns by Richard N Williams

Hard water is the term used to describe areas where there are high amounts of minerals such as calcium in the water supply. While these minerals are harmless to our health (some are even quite beneficial) they do have an impact on our appliances and heating systems. Many of us live in hard water areas [...]

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   Oct 09

An Eco Christmas – Gift Wrapping That can be Used Time and Time and Time and Time…Again by Richard N Williams

We are all conscious of recycling. There are many startling facts and figures such as at Christmas time alone; the UK produces 11,000 tonnes of waste – just from wrapping paper alone! If that doesn’t seem like much to you, it as actually enough wrapping paper to stretch to the moon! And while many of [...]

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   Oct 07

A Tasty Vegetable Garden – Instantly by Richard N Williams

We all know the advantages of organic food and many of us now have allotments allowing us to grow our own vegetables for the table. However, gardening isn’t easy and anybody who tells you different is having you on. Not only does it take an awful lot of work to ensure the ground is perfect [...]

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