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   Nov 29

Latest Green Ideas – Eco Friendly Furniture

Lately, there have been some fantastic green ideas and new eco friendly products that have hit the market. Many of these green innovations have there basis in traditional and natural manufacturing methods such as craft work. Wicker chairs, for instance, are really making a comeback. Wicker is a fantastic eco friendly material. It can come [...]

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   Nov 28

Eco Products and Christmas Presents of Yesteryear

It always amazes me when new trends in eco friendly products and innovations start that many of them hark back to yesteryear. Take some of this year’s green Christmas toys and games for kids many of hem are modernised versions of the same sorts of gifts that our parents and grandparents used to play with. [...]

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   Nov 26

Log Makers and Heat Logs – Feeling the Benefit of an Open Fire

In the winter months there is nothing more satisfying than coming in from the bitter cold and settling down in front of an open fire. The crackling flames and the warmth of the logs provide a cosiness you just can’t recreate with an electrical or gas fitted fire. But are open fires eco friendly? There [...]

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   Nov 24

Maximising Heating Efficiency – Winter Saving Tips

Winter is not only dark and cold it can be expensive. Heating bills rocket throughout the winter months and so does the environmental impact of having our heating on full blast. Power consumption increases dramatically in the winter months which means more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere causing damage to the climate. And [...]

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   Nov 21

The Eco Cuppa – Eco Friendly Kettles

Nobody can deny that in Britain we love our tea. Each year a staggering 229 million cups of tea and coffee are drank every day which means enough water is boiled to fill 22 Olympic sized swimming pools. However, that is unfortunately not the case, as most people when they ‘put the kettle on’ tend [...]

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   Nov 17

Eco-friendly Toys and Gadgets – Green gifts for Christmas

Christmas shopping can be trying at the best of times but trying to buy green or shop for eco-friendly products can make it almost impossible, especially when it comes to looking for gifts for kids. But even buying green gifts for children and teenagers can be easy if you know where to look. Young children [...]

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   Nov 14

Cardboard Playhouses – the Perfect Green Christmas Gifts for Little Homeowners.

Nearly everybody has fond memories of their first wendy house or playhouse. Whether its a boy or a girl, all kids like to play house and with Christmas around the corner a playhouse can be the perfect present for a pre-school child. However, those plastic wendy houses we may have played with as children are [...]

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   Nov 11

Green Gifts and Eco Friendly Ideas for Christmas by Richard N Williams

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is around the corner and its time to start running around looking for gifts for our family and friends. When it comes to recycled gifts and eco friendly or green gift ideas it can be really difficult to find presents for every member of the family. With a [...]

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   Nov 08

The Cost of Clean Water and the Importance of Water Saving by Richard N Williams

There is perhaps no resource on Earth as valuable to us as water. It may make up two-thirds of the planet but clean water is highly precious and too many people in the world often go without enough. In the West we take it for granted that when we turn on the tap fresh, clean [...]

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   Nov 05

Recycling Glass and Reducing Landfill by Richard N Williams

Glass is one of the oldest materials still in use today. It’s production goes back way before the Romans and Egyptians and was probably first produced nearly 4,000 years ago. And yet, despite its antiquity glass is still as popular and useful today as it has always been. Glass has many properties that make it [...]

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