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   Dec 31

My Top 5 Favourite Eco Products of 2009

2009 has been quite a year for new eco friendly innovations and products. With an increase in interest in green issues dominating a lot of the media and political agendas their has also been an increase in the number of green products and eco friendly innovations on the market. Some eco-friendly products have been really [...]

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   Dec 29

Eco Friendly Shopping Tips

There are many promotions and companies claiming green credentials but often a lot of messages are confused and finding a supplier of eco friendly products can always be challenging, especially if you are new to the green movement yourself. But being green is about more than buying products from biodegradable materials or from companies that [...]

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   Dec 26

Helping Winter Wildlife during the Cold Spells

The cold snowy weather can keep many of us in during the winter months but these cold spells can be even more harsh on the local wildlife. Not only do many of our native animals and birds struggle to find enough to eat during the winter months they also struggle to find shelter. But turning [...]

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   Dec 25

The Benefits of Bamboo Clothing

There has been a large increase in the amount of bamboo clothes and furnishings that have come on to the market lately, and its no surprise as bamboo is perhaps one of the most underrated fabrics around. It may seem strange to most people that the tough fibrous grass, often associated with the Far East, [...]

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   Dec 23

Recycle your Christmas Tree

Christmas is a busy time, not just with all that eating, drinking and being merry. At Christmas time there is a huge deluge of recycling to be done; all that wrapping paper, empty boxes and left over turkey – not to mention the Christmas Tree. A natural tree is a lot nicer a Christmas ornament [...]

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   Dec 21

Saving Money in the Winter Months – Money Saving Tips for Home and Office

The winter brings with it more than just the cold and dark nights. Quite often winter is a time of high bills and large running costs especially if you have a home to run and a business. And with many of us now working at home and trying to run an office in the house, [...]

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   Dec 19

How to Start Recycling

It is estimated that four out of ten households are still not recycling their waste and the most common reason given is that people say they find recycling confusing. The most common complaint people have is that there is no clear advice on what can be recycled. And it is made or the worse by [...]

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   Dec 17

Eco-Friendly Toys for Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time for kids and teens. Most of us remember the joy at opening our presents as a youngster on Christmas day. However, kid’s toys have gone a long way over the last few decades and many of them are now complicated boxes of electronics that are unfortunately not conducive to an [...]

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   Dec 15

Stand-by Savers and Energy Monitors

One of the biggest struggle throughout the cold winter months is trying to keep those large heating and lighting bills down. This time of year is an expensive one; with Christmas around the corner the last thing most of us need is huge heating bills landing on the mat in the New Year. Fortunately there [...]

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   Dec 14

Choosing an Eco Christmas gift

We all know that Christmas is a time for giving but attempting to get that perfect gift for every member of the family can not only be difficult at the best of times but trying to buy an eco friendly Christmas gift can make it nearly impossible. The problem is that most families have a [...]

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