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   Jan 30

Why By Eco Products – Climate Change and the Greenhouse Effect

Climate change has been hotly discussed and debated in the last few years with recent summits of world leaders not providing agreement on what can be done to halt the rising temperature and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, whilst the politicians continue to argue, more and more people are turning to eco friendly products to [...]

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   Jan 28

The Eco Friendly Motorist

Cars are often cited as being damaging to the environment and a prime cause of climate change, and while cars are being manufactured to be more environmental friendly and we the motorist reduce the amount of travelling we do -  driving is still a necessity for many people. However, there is much that a motorist [...]

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   Jan 26

Back to Nature – Eco Gardening Tools

Now the worst of the winter is receding it’s time to look forward to the warmer months and getting back to the garden or allotment. However, many people choose the new year to resolve to live a little more environmentally friendly and the garden is one place where we can make a difference. Whilst gardening [...]

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   Jan 24

Heat Saving Tips – Insulation and Draught Excluders

Maximising the efficiency of your heating system is one method of ensuring of reducing the costs of your heating bill and cutting down on the environmental impact of heating your home. However, there is another method which is just as effective at reducing costs and increasing warmth around the house. Heating your home is as [...]

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   Jan 22

Get Ready for Summer – An easy way to have an English country garden

The worst is over. It seems the snow has gone and we can now at least start looking forward to the warmer months, and in particular the summer time when we can at last enjoy the fresh air and greenery of our back gardens. But keeping and maintaining a garden is not easy. Having a [...]

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   Jan 20

The Green Kitchen

They say the heart of every home is the kitchen, and this may certainly be true. However, kitchens are also one of the highest energy consuming areas of the house and for anybody wanting to reduce their electricity or gas bills; or just keen to help the environment, the kitchen is the best place to [...]

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   Jan 18

The Eco Home of the Future – Home starter kits

For decades now, eco friendly property developers have been trying to build eco villages where every home is efficient, non-polluting and built from sustainable sources. To date there has been limited success, and part of the reason for this is that building homes from scratch, using only environmentally friendly principles is expensive. And the question [...]

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   Jan 17

Wonderful Winter Warmth With a Natural Log Fire

The winter months can be a depressing and miserable time. What, with the financial pressures of the festive period, and the long cold winter nights; winter is not most people’s favourite time of year. But there is one way of turning those cold winter nights into warm romantic settings – with a traditional log fire. [...]

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   Jan 15

Seasonal Affective Disorder and the Winter Blues

This time of year is not the most pleasant for everyone. The cold weather, long nights and dark mornings makes many of us feel low but the ?winter blues’ can often be a sign of a physical problem that affects millions of people every year. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a genuine mood disorder that [...]

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   Jan 13

Tips to make your Home Environmentally Friendly…Part 2

Washing Day Not only are washing machines and tumble dryers energy hungry appliances washing day is often combined with the use none eco-friendly detergents and chemicals. But washing day doesn’t have to be bad for the environment and doesn’t mean you have to walk around in dirty clothes. There are plenty of ways to reduce [...]

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