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   Feb 28

Yoga Clothing Tips – Bamboo Active Wear

Yoga is increasingly becoming a common pastime of many people; helping them to relax after a stressful day and improve their health and well-being. And as Yoga is an ancient art, and is as much about being one with nature as it is to improve health and well-being, being eco-friendly and caring about the environment [...]

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   Feb 26

Eco Cooking – Tips to Save Energy When you Cook

More and more people are getting back to basics and removing ready meals from their diet and returning to good old fashioned home-cooked food. Home cooking, is not only healthier, it can be drastically cheaper too. However, much knowledge has been lost in the void that ready meals and takeaways have produced – meaning there [...]

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   Feb 24

Green Business – Go Eco Friendly at Work

It’s great news that so many people are now living a lot greener and more eco friendly. Eco friendly products like recycling bins and energy saving light-bulbs are now commonplace around the home and more and more people are investing in other eco-friendly solutions and products like energy monitors. However, one area where we often [...]

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   Feb 22

Green Myths

Trying to live green and eco friendly can be really difficult, especially with so many conflicting messages on environmental issues. Many people are left confounded by decrees from some environmental groups suggesting that nearly every aspect of our lives could be environmentally damaging, but many of these claims are either misguided, have not scientific background [...]

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   Feb 20

Looking to go Eco? – Tips to get you started.

Part two Around the Home Perhaps the place where we can make most of the difference to the environment is around our homes. This is the one environment where we not only have the most control over but also where we also consume the most energy. Creating an eco-friendly home doesn’t have to mean buying [...]

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   Feb 18

Looking to go Eco? – Tips to get you started.

Part one: Everyday, more and more people decide to make an effort to help the environment. This is great news for the planet but often, people give up quite quickly, either because they are confused with so many mixed messages about the environment, or because living green seems like hard work. But trying to be [...]

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   Feb 17

Don’t Care about the Environment – Other Reasons you should Buy Eco

There are a small percentage of people that are often bemoaning the environmental cause. Some often claim global warming is not happening; or don’t care about it; or find that life is difficult enough without having to worry about the planet. However, there is another reason why, even if you are not interested in environmental [...]

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   Feb 16

How to Boost your Radiators – Tips to Increase efficiency and reduce your bills

Whilst not as romantic as an open fire, the radiator is still the most used heating appliance used today. Generally they are an efficient and cost effective method of heating homes. Hwever, the concept of the radiator has been around a long time – the Romans were purported to have basic radiators systems and underfloor [...]

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   Feb 14

Turn Your Home into an Eco Home

Over recent years there is huge investment to the building of eco-homes, with billions being spent globally on ensuring the next generation of housing is an eco one. These environmentally friendly housing are built to be as carbon neutral as possible and designed to be efficient to heat and light. However, whilst new eco friendly [...]

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   Feb 12

What is Carbon Neutral?

With climate change rarely out of the news understanding the carbon cycle and how to reduce your carbon footprint is important if we are to stave off the effects of global warming. Many people attempting to live in an eco friendly and green way, will be aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprints [...]

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