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   Mar 31

Eco Friendly Limescale Removal methods

By Richard N Williams Limescale is a problem in many areas of the country. It is caused by mineral deposits like lime and calcium that are contained in the water in so-called hard water areas. These minerals are harmless to our health (and can even be beneficial – it is also the reason ?mineral’ water [...]

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   Mar 30

Six Eco Gardening Tips – Keeping your back garden natural

By Richard N Williams Now the cold weather has gone its time to get back in the garden and getting looking great for the summer. More and more people are moving into eco gardening as it is a far mare natural way of keeping a nice back yard whilst also preventing damaging the environment. But [...]

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   Mar 28

Some Eco Interior ideas

Having a beautiful home doesn’t mean we have to fill it with man-made products or furniture made from precious natural resources. There are plenty of ways of improving the décor of our homes whilst still ensuring we can have eco friendly interior furnishings. Recycled Wood Recycled and reclaimed timber can provide beautiful looking furniture. Rustic [...]

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   Mar 25

Spring Cleaning the Chemical Free Way – some eco cleaning tips

By Richard N Williams It’s that time of year again. The cold weather is receding and it’s time to start thinking about giving the house a really good clean, ready for the spring. But when it comes to spring cleaning and housework, quite often we can be using environmentally damaging chemicals and methods when there [...]

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   Mar 24

Log making and the Return to Open Fires

By Richard N Williams There has been a resurgence in recent years of open fires. Traditional log burning fires are now becoming increasingly popular in even urban homes and once you have spent an evening all cosy and warm next to a log fire you can see why. But are log fires environmentally friendly? Well [...]

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   Mar 22

Benefits of an Electricity Monitor

By Richard N Williams Smart electricity meters are now becoming more and more common. New electricity meters and new manufactures are arriving on the market all the time and the entire energy monitor business could become as large as GPS or the MP3 market. However, as with many new technologies many people are often apprehensive [...]

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   Mar 20

New Baby? Choosing Eco Baby Products

By Richard N Williams Many new parents want the best for their children but quite often people worry about eco baby products in that they may be a compromise in quality for their child. Eco baby clothes and other eco products for babies and children can often be seen as inferior to traditional cotton clothes [...]

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   Mar 19

Importance of Insulation for Reducing Home Heating Bills

By Richard N Williams Heating our homes is one of the largest expenditures for householders. Not only does it cost us financially but heating our home takes up a large proportion of our energy consumption and therefore makes up a large proportion of the carbon that is released into the atmosphere. Reducing are home heating [...]

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   Mar 18

Renewable Energy and its use at Home – Eco Products to Save energy

Renewable energy is often cited as being a possible replacement for our energy needs but critics often claim that conventional forms of renewable energy such as wind, solar and wave power could never meet the needs of our ever burgeoning society. However, quite often people are dismissing renewable energy without thinking of the different methods [...]

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   Mar 16

Recycling Tips – Organising Your Recycling

Recycling can be really confusing. One of the reasons for this confusion is that there seems to be no parity in the different recycling schemes up and down the country. It seems that each local authority and council has a different scheme and accepts different items for recycling. Some accept plastics, others do not; some [...]

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