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   Apr 29

Can Business be Eco Friendly too?

While more and more people recycle at home, turn off their lights; fit energy saving lightbulbs; and buy eco-friendly products in an attempt to help the environment; many of these same people do none these things when they get to work. Business is lagging behind society in their care for the environment with far less [...]

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   Apr 27

Green Gifts – An Eco Friendly Gift Guide

Shopping for eco products is becoming increasingly easier thanks to so many green and eco friendly stores and shops, especially when we are buying things for ourselves. However, when it comes to shopping for others, things can become a lot more challenging. Eco friendly gifts, are different items to other green products as most eco [...]

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   Apr 25

What Makes an Eco Friendly Product?

There are many products out there; from cars to light bulbs, that claim to be green, eco friendly or les harmful for the environment. But as there are no hard and fast rules as to what makes an eco friendly product or not it can be quite difficult to discern between something that claims it [...]

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   Apr 23

Enjoying the Garden the Eco Way

After one of the harshest winters in years, we have finally been treated to some sunshine and a promise of more good weather along the way. And for those of us who feel there is never enough sunshine throughout our summers, making the most of it while it lasts is important. One of the best [...]

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   Apr 22

Happy Birthday Earth Day – 40th Anniversary

Earth Day is celebrating its fortieth anniversary with the largest number of people expected to take part in the entire history of the campaign. Started in 1970 by US politician, Gaylord Nelson, as a demonstration to raise awareness of conservation, Earth Day has grown year on year with at 1.5 billion people expected to take [...]

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   Apr 21

The Latest Eco Products from Greenstamp

Here are some of the latest products from eco friendly specialists Greenstamp: No need to buy kindling again. This wall mounted log splitter makes easy work of turning logs into slithers of wood. Piranha dynamo shaver with two flexible powerful changeable shaving heads. Unusual design that is both practical and attractive. Made from steel and [...]

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   Apr 20

Logmaking, Composting and Other Summer Garden Tips

Many eco friendly gardening ideas are not just about helping the environment or returning to natural methods; many of them can save money too. There are a great many eco friendly and natural ideas for gardening as there are many eco gardening products, many of which , will benefit the environment, your garden – and [...]

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   Apr 18

World of Eco Furniture

Many natural materials that we enjoy are not very sustainable. Wood is one example, while there are many sustainable forests that grow lumber for the building trade, when it comes to more exotic woods such as mahogany or teak, they are often plundered from forests. And as the trees that make these beautiful woods take [...]

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   Apr 16

The History of the Eco Movement

With the current problems with global warming, deforestation and other environmental problems, you could be excused in thinking that the environmentalism and eco friendly ideas are a new movement. However, environmentalism can trace it’s origins to some of the very oldest civilisations with the ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabic philosophers all proclaiming the importance of [...]

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   Apr 14

Five Simple Methods for Eco Friendly Living

Being green and eco friendly is not difficult to achieve and it doesn’t require huge sacrifices in the way you live your life. Being green can be achieved with only small and subtle changes that will not only improve the environment but can often reward you in other ways too. Here are perhaps the five [...]

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