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   May 31

Eco Barbecuing – Using logmakers and recycled paper.

You can tell when the summer has truly arrived when the smells of barbecuing starts to fill the air. At this time of year most of us enjoy a barbecue and having a meal alfresco – but there are downsides to using the good old BBQ. Barbecue charcoal, while not a fossil fuel, is manufactured [...]

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   May 29

Alternatives to Recycling

Recycling is becoming increasingly common. Not just because more of us are getting greener but increasingly recycling is becoming law in many parts of the country. And while recycling is an important aspect of ensuring we all have a greener future, it can still be a chore. In many areas householders are forced to separate [...]

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   May 27

The Eco Wardrobe – Choosing Sustainable Clothing

One of the hardest areas in life to make eco choices is the clothes we wear. Both men and women who take in their appearance are reluctant to swap style for sustainability. However, the dowdy image of hemp trousers and tie-dyed shirts are a long way from some of the green and sustainable clothing that [...]

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   May 26

Turning Your Home into an Eco One

More and more properties are being built to be eco friendly. Heat retention, insulation and energy use are now planned into every new home from the inception phase. This is all well and good for those fortunate to be in a position to move to one of these new build homes, but many of us [...]

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   May 24

Summer Cabins – Treat Yourself

Most of us enjoy the summer months; relaxing in the garden or enjoying a barbecue with friends there is no better time to enjoy your garden during the summer. We don’t always get the ideal weather for it though and often what starts as a nice balmy afternoon can soon get interrupted by gusts of [...]

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   May 22

Reuse and Rewear – 5 Repurposing Tips

There is a lot of talk in the eco friendly world about recycling. Recycling, is of course highly important if we are to ensure the generations to come, are not burdened with our waste, but there is more to recycling than just placing our glasses and paper in recycling bins. Repurposing is a form of [...]

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   May 20

Top Five Eco Kitchen Tips – Saving Money and Energy in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest places around the home so it should be no surprise that it is also the area where we consume the most energy. Cooking and washing and drying clothes consume a large proportion of household energy use and makes up a large portion of your household carbon footprint too. [...]

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   May 19

Ten Tips to Slash Your Electricity Bill

We all want to save money on our fuel bills and there are plenty of devices and tips on how you can do so. Here are my favourite top ten tips and ideas to slash your electricity bill: 10. Energy Monitors – why not invest in an electricity monitor? These will let you keep an [...]

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   May 17

Mobile Phones and Gadgets– An Eco Menace?

We all use them and despite the fact that most of the mobile phones, mp3 players and other devices having only been around a decade or so – many of us are completely dependent on them. Not only are the latest gadgets useful and an important parts of our day-to-day lives they are also fashion [...]

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   May 15

Solar Power – Getting the most out of the sun

Solar power is often seen as an eco friendly alternative power source that can get us away from burning fossil fuels. And there are certainly many benefits from utilising the sun to provide power: It’s renewable No CO2 Cheap source of energy Produces no emissions But can solar power really provide us with enough energy [...]

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