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   Jun 30

Renewable Energy -Its uses around the home – Part two

Wind Energy Perhaps the most useful for generating energy for our homes but wind energy does come with its disadvantages. Windmills, that convert the wind’s power into electricity, are very large and are unpopular features on the landscape. They are also limited to the amount of energy they can produce – and of course when [...]

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   Jun 28

Renewable Energy -Its uses around the home – Part one

Renewable energy is a phrase often used when discussing problems of energy and climate change. It is often cited as a replacement for the environmentally damaging and expensive fossil fuels that we currently rely on. But what are renewable energy’s and can they really provide us with all the power we need to run our [...]

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   Jun 26

Eco Friendly Products – helping you Recycle

Recycling is now part and parcel of our domestic lives. The traditional metal dustbins that once contained all our household, waste from old nappies; to food and packaging, has become extinct. Instead households are given wheelie bins, recycling bins, paper containers and a whole host of other receptacles to get rid our household rubbish. And [...]

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   Jun 25

Water Shortages This Summer?

It seems we can’t go more than a few days with a bit of warm weather without the fear of a hosepipe ban. However, water preservation and conservation is a serious matter and while many of us find it a frustration in the summer, the consequences of our annual water shortage could be a lot [...]

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   Jun 23

Energy Monitors – Saving Everyone Money

There has been a huge rise in the use of home energy monitors lately. Many homes now have one of these handy little gadgets that let you monitor the electricity you are using. Energy monitors are one of the most useful tools a household can possess and yet in many cases, after a few days [...]

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   Jun 21

Five Most Practical Eco Gifts

There are all types of eco-friendly gifts. There are eco friendly products for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom; the garden, the work place and the office – every room in the house. However, not all eco products are the same many are practical methods of saving us money and reducing our impact on the environment. [...]

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   Jun 19

More Eco Friendly Men’s Gift Ideas – Father’s Day

Father’s day is often one of the most difficult times to buy for. Dad’s can be really hard to find a gift for and if you want to shop eco-friendly then things become harder. Many eco products are often seen as an anachronism to the type of gifts that men usually receive. Men love power [...]

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   Jun 17

Back to Basics – Using Open Fires

There has been a growing resurgence in the open fire and the log burning stove. As more people realise the importance of getting back to basics and try to live a more natural and sustainable life style. The open fire becomes quite an attractive method of heating. Despite the smoke, open fires are quite eco [...]

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   Jun 15

Bamboo for any Occasion

Eco fabrics and clothing has often had a dour and dowdy reputation but bamboo clothing has changed all that. Bamboo, most commonly thought of as garden canes or the stuff pandas eat, is in fact, a very sustainable, useful, comfortable and versatile fabric. And the amount of different styles and types of bamboo clothing available [...]

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   Jun 13

The Scourge of Carrier Bags

Perhaps it is not the biggest environmental menace compared to global warming, oil spills or the ozone layer but the humble plastic carrier bag is responsible for a considerable amount of problems and damage to the environment. Not only do carrier bags not degrade, lingering in the environment and posing a threat, not to mention [...]

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