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   Jul 30

Eco Products That Really Make Difference

There are a wide variety of eco friendly products out there that claim to be better for the environment than traditional products, as well as being able to save you money. And many of these products can make real savings and a huge difference in the amount of energy we consume. Other products; however, are [...]

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   Jul 28

Boosting Your Radiators to Save Money – Radiator Panels and Foil

Heating our homes accounts for perhaps the largest amount of energy we use in the home. That means that not only does it cost us more than anything else we use energy for but it also costs the planet the most too. So the more we can reduce our energy costs, the more we can [...]

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   Jul 27

Log Stores – The Perfect Accompaniment to any Garden

Log stores are often thought of as an old shed where at times of yesteryear peonage would store lumber for the winter. But log stores are having a renaissance and are no longer the rustic old shed full of timber. And there are several reasons why people are buying log stores. They are not only [...]

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   Jul 25

Let’s Get Ready for Winter – Eco Tips for Saving Money

As many of us have been enjoying the best summer for several years, it’s easy to forget that it won’t be long before the days start getting shorter and the cold winter nights draw in. Winter is an expensive time; both for our pockets, with high fuel bills and heating costs; and to the environment [...]

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   Jul 23

The Eco Culprits around the Home – Top Five Most Eco Damaging Items

There are wide varieties of devices and machines around our home. Many are essential in keeping us warm, cleaning our clothes and providing us with light. But often, these powered items are responsible for a lot of the CO2 that is accumulating in the atmosphere and triggering climate change. While many of these power hungry [...]

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   Jul 21

Eco-chic Furniture and Furnishings

There are some fantastic eco-friendly furniture and furnishings available that can create the ideal eco-chic image in almost any home. From rustic chairs to reclaimed timber tables there are a wide range of sustainable, recycled and reclaimed items around. Here are some of the most eco-chic furniture and furnishings: Recycled Teak Coffee Table Recycled teak [...]

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   Jul 19

Lighting up for free – Renewable Energy Garden Lights

Lighting outside the home is just as important as the lighting inside. Security, safety and for enjoying the late balmy evenings of summer are just a few reasons why we use exterior lights. Exterior lighting is different to indoor lights in that it spends most of its time off. Security lights will only come on [...]

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   Jul 17

Keeping Green on Holiday – Eco Friendly Tips

At this time of year many of us embark on our annual holidays. However, whether we travel abroad, stay in Britain or just go for a weekend break, holidaying does come with its environmental problems. But there are some great eco-friendly products and ideas to help us reduce the impact we have on the eco [...]

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   Jul 15

The Scourge of Stand-by

Gadgets, appliances and electronic devices are now commonly found in nearly every room in our homes. Fro the kitchen to the living room; the study to the bedroom, there are all sorts of computers, DVDs, TVs, gadgets, gizmos and appliances that require a power source. Few of us would ever leave these devices on when [...]

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   Jul 13

Eco Mother and Baby – Green advice for new mums

There probably won’t be any more of an exciting, and yet daunting time than when you are starting a family. But children don;t come cheap and not only does it cost a fortune in financial terms to bring up a baby these days it can also cost the environment too. Many of the products available [...]

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