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   Aug 31

How to use a Log Maker in Four Easy Steps

For anybody that has an open fire or wood burning stove, a log maker is a must-have item; turning paper, card and other household waste into burnable logs for the fire not only saves money but also reduces the amount of waste that is thrown away in the rubbish bin each week. And as log [...]

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   Aug 29

Back to School the Eco Friendly Way

With the end of the summer holidays just around the corner its time to prepare the kids to go back to school and this can be a trying time with so much to buy from uniforms to stationary; however, just because there is a lot to do it doesn’t mean you can’t aim to be [...]

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   Aug 27

Making Logs – Recycle waste and get free fuel

Log making is becoming increasingly popular amongst people wanting to not only save money on their heating costs but also recycle all that waste paper and card that accumulates at home. Log making involves turning all that recycled waste card and paper into burnable logs that can be used as fuel for the open fire [...]

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   Aug 25

How Monitoring Your Energy Can Save Money and the Environment

It can often be a bit of a shock when the electricity or gas bills land on the doormat. Quite often it can be hard to comprehend just where the money is being spent and how much energy we are using. Even when we are conscious of wasting energy and want to help the environment [...]

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   Aug 23

Cheap Ways for an Eco Home

There are many eco friendly products, gadgets and innovations that can help us live our lives in a more carbon neutral and environmentally friendly way. There are a vast range of such products that range from the simple and cost effective to the more expensive. As saving energy and saving the environment go hand in [...]

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   Aug 20

Winter is around the Corner – Sort your radiators out now!

Many of us have been enjoying the nicest summer for several years so it can be easy to forget that it winter is only a few months away. And when the cold weather comes and it is time to turn the heating on, a lot of us can be wasting money unnecessarily because of a [...]

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   Aug 19

Five Steps to Being more Eco Friendly

For those people that are yet to embrace the eco friendly way of life it can be quite difficult in establishing where to start. Knowing what eco friendly products to buy, what methods of transportation is best and how to save energy can be really daunting for the uninitiated. Yet, there are five simple steps [...]

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   Aug 18

Save 20% on heating bills – boosting radiators for less than £20

Most homes now rely on the humble radiator to provide the heating throughout the year. And while central heating is very efficient in many ways it does have flaws. Here is a step-by-step guide to boosting your radiators and saving up to a fifth off your energy bills. Most central heating systems use a central [...]

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   Aug 16

The Eco Bedroom – For a Natural Night’s Sleep

Many of us may know that natural methods are not just better for the environment but our health too. Too many chemicals in our diets can lead to health problems but the same can be said of our environment too. The air we breath in our homes and businesses, all to often contains too many [...]

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   Aug 14

The Bamboo Wardrobe – Eco Clothing for any Occasion

When you mention bamboo most people think of the long cane-like grass much favoured by gardeners and pandas. So when you talk about a bamboo wardrobe people may assume you are talking about the closet itself and not its contents. However, bamboo is not only a useful building material it can be turned into a [...]

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