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   Sep 30

Being Green Doesn’t Mean Being Square

Often, people can think eco friendly and green products are quite dull. Energy saving and environmentally conscious products don’t evoke much excitement in people but green ideas and innovations don’t have to be dull. Not only are many eco friendly products very modern and useful, some of them are at the cutting edge of technology, [...]

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   Sep 28

Sustainable Energy – Eco Friendly Power

One of the biggest threats to the environment is global warming. Our energy use is directly altering the temperature of the planet so one of the biggest things we can do to help the environment is to reduce the energy we use. But while there is much we can do to cut down on our [...]

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   Sep 26

Going Green the Easy Way – Simple methods to save energy, money and the environment

There can be many challenges in trying to live a greener and more eco-friendly life. Reducing energy use, resorting to natural methods and buying eco-friendly products can all come with costs in both money and time. But saving energy and living green doesn’t have to be hard work, costly or resort to us doing things [...]

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   Sep 24

The Eco Bathroom

Different areas of our home seem to be responsible for larger proportions of our environmental impact. The kitchen, for instance, is an area where we use a lot of electricity, to cook, clean and wash clothes. The bathroom too is an area of the home where far more of another precious resource is consumed: water. [...]

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   Sep 22

Eco Products for the Autumn

By Richard N Williams Autumn is a time of year when things start to change; it acts as a warning shot for what is to come when winter arrives and our household bills rise as the dark and cold draw in. Autumn, therefore, is a great place to begin thinking of ways to save money [...]

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   Sep 20

High-tech Eco Friendly Products

By Richard N Williams Eco-friendly products are often conceived of as being less technological alternatives and, while its true that many traditional methods of doing our daily chores can use less energy, there are many eco friendly innovations that are at the cutting edge of technology. Innovators, in a bid to make items efficient, are [...]

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   Sep 18

Some Great Eco Water Saving Gadgets

As the effects of our energy consumption affects climate change, energy saving is commonly thought of when people think of the environment, but there are other important forms of conservation that are just as imporatant. Water is obviously vital for human survival but it is quite easily taken for granted in modern homes and cities. [...]

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   Sep 15

Eco Lighting Around the Home – Energy Saving Bulbs and Solar Lights

By Richard N Williams We use energy around our homes for various tasks such as heating, cooking, washing and watching television, but one of the most consistent uses of energy is the power we use to provide our lighting. We all need lights and in the winter months we spend even more money and energy [...]

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   Sep 13

Five Eco Gifts for Him

By Richard N Williams One of the most difficult groups of people to shop eco friendly for is men. While buying a gift for boyfriend, husband, brother or dad can be difficult at the best of times, green gifts don’t seem to appeal to them too much either. But there are some great gift ideas, [...]

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   Sep 11

Working at Home? Eco Friendly Home Office Tips

By Richard N Williams Many more people are working at home than ever before. Modern technology it has made it possible for many of us to do away the need to commute to the office, which is not only advantageous to us, but it benefits the environment too. By working at home we are also [...]

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