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   Oct 30

Recycled Glass – What happens to it?

Glass recycling is one of the oldest and more popular of the forms of recycling that goes on. Bottle banks have been with us for quite some time while it wasn’t that long ago when you could return used bottles on the promise of a few pennies. Those days may be gone but glass and [...]

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   Oct 28

New Radiator Boosting Website – Range of Panels and Foil to Save Money and Energy

A new website dedicated to providing the best range of radiator boosting devices has been launched in time for winter. is dedicated to providing radiator panels, reflective radiator foil and other radiator boosting devices to help you save money and reduce the amount of energy you use. As winter is fast approaching it is [...]

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   Oct 26

Solar Water Heating – Practicalities of Providing Hot Water

Solar water heating as an idea has been around for some time. The idea is simple: use the sun’s rays to heat hot water, which can be then used for bathing, heating and other hot water uses. This is not the same as solar power – using the sun’s energy to generate electricity -  solar [...]

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   Oct 24

Types of Radiator Panels and Foil

Radiator panels and reflective radiator foil are energy saving devices that are easy to fit, inexpensive, and can boost the heat output of existing radiators – saving money and reducing energy consumption. There are a variety of different types of radiator panels and reflective foil that can help boost the efficiency of radiators, but they [...]

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   Oct 22

Log Making – Methods and Types

Since log makers were first introduced, recycling scarp paper, card, newsprint and other material into burnable fuel,. Has become an incredibly popular method of environmental heating. As it combines both natural methods of producing heat with recycling, it appeals to peoples eco-friendly sensibilities, so-much-so that there are a wide variety of log making devices on [...]

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   Oct 20

The Eco Bedroom

When people start thinking about eco-friendly products, energy saving and being more environmentally friendly, they often concentrate on the high usage areas of the home such as the kitchen and living room. After-all these areas are the most energy consuming and we can make more of a difference on both the environment and our bills [...]

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   Oct 18

Using Log Stores

Open fires and wood burning stoves are having a renaissance as people realise the environmental benefits of burning sustainable wood for fuel. But wood burning is only an environmental alternative to other heating and cooking methods if the logs are properly seasoned and dry. Damp logs, in particular logs that have not been stored properly [...]

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   Oct 16

Which Energy Monitor

Energy monitors are becoming hugely popular. So many families, businesses, home-owners and couples are looking at energy monitors as a way to help reduce energy consumption, save money and cut down on waste. With the hiking prices and limited competition in the energy market it is no surprise. Year on year, bills get higher and [...]

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   Oct 14

Energy Monitors – Keeping Track of the Pennies

One of the best money and energy-saving gadgets out there isn’t strictly speaking an eco friendly product. Energy monitors neither directly save energy themselves, nor are they made in a particularly eco friendly fashion; however, in the battle against climate change and helping householders save both money and energy, they are leading the fight. Energy [...]

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   Oct 12

Eco Friendly Plumbing – Boosting radiators, taps and showers

Saving energy at home is something most home-owners can appreciate, not only because saving energy means saving money, something most of us are keen on doing, but also more of us are concerned with the environment and the damage being caused by global warming. Reducing our energy use is, therefore, a popular pastime with most [...]

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