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   Nov 29

Eco Xmas Ideas – Helping the Planet this Christmas

Christmas time is a time of good cheer, parties, meals and presents. But Christmas is also a time of year when many people forget about the environment, making this time of year one of the most damaging. Every year we throw away millions of tonnes of Christmas trees, wrapping paper, old cards, and envelopes. It’s [...]

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   Nov 27

Radiator Panels and Logmakers – Saving Energy the Simple Way

There are a wide variety of eco friendly products on the market and they range from the very sophisticated like solar powered chargers and energy monitors, to more simple and less complex devices. Despite their simplicity, two of the most popular eco-friendly items are also two of the easiest ways of saving money and helping [...]

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   Nov 25

More Draught Excluding Advice

With winter arriving and the wind, rain and snow beginning to descend on Britain it no surprise that many people are beginning to batten down the hatches and ensure their homes are warm and snug for the winter. Getting the boiler serviced, bleeding the radiators, checking on the insulation and blocking up all those draughts [...]

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   Nov 23

Some Great Eco Kitchen Products

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home. With the washing machine, oven, tumble dryer – not to mention the myriad of appliances and gadgets – the kitchen is also one of the most power hungry areas of the home too. Saving energy in the kitchen can, therefore, save us both money [...]

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   Nov 21

Music Players – Modernity and Eco Friendly

Music is important to nearly everybody. Listening to music has gone through some radical changes over the last few generations. From the wireless, record players and cassettes – to modern compact discs, iPods and other MP3 players. And as music and the way we listen to it has changed through the ages, so has the [...]

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   Nov 19

Looking After Birds This Winter

With winter now arriving its a good time to think about some of the garden birds that stay with us throughout the winter months.While many of their cousins fly south for the winter, a whole host of native birds stay put and have to endure the cod winter months just as we do, and what [...]

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   Nov 18

Christmas Trees – Think Eco this Christmas

Everybody loves a Christmas tree and each year millions of us go out and either but a real tree or get an old plastic one from the loft – but are we being eco-friendly when we do so. Whatever your preference there is an eco price for our Christmas trees. While t could be argued [...]

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   Nov 17

Cold Weather Help – Keeping Warm and Staying Eco Friendly

It seems that the first signs of winter are starting to show as ice frosts the cars and the nights become colder. Keeping warm at winter is important; it’s a time of year where cold and flu put many people in their sickbeds which can be serious for the aged of infirm. But keeping warm [...]

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   Nov 15

Eco Laundry and Washing

While washing our clothes and other laundry items is an absolute necessity it is not a very eco-friendly activity. Laundry day is damaging to the environment in two ways. Firstly, we use a lot of energy during washing day in powering the appliances to wash, dry and iron our clothes, linen and furnishings. Secondly, washing [...]

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   Nov 13

Draught Exclusions – Keeping Heat in and Cold Out

With winter arriving with a vengeance its time to think about keeping all those draughts out that will allow the heat to escape and cost you both warmth and money during the colder months. No matter how efficient your boiler, radiators and insulation are, a badly fitting door or gaps in the windows will be [...]

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