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   Dec 31

Eco Kitchen – eco friendly appliances

The kitchen is a very busy part of the home, especially at this time of year with all the dinners that need to be prepared, not to mention the clothes washing and other chores that can only be done in the kitchen. There is a multitude of appliances and tools in the average kitchen that [...]

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   Dec 29

Make Being Green one of your New Year’s Resolutions

With a new year, comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. And while many of us fail to fulfil our resolves to quit smoking, ease off the booze, spend more time with the kids, or lose that little bit of weight, there is one resolution we should all be making and trying to stick to: be [...]

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   Dec 27

An Open Fire This Winter – Tips to Using Log Fires

Traditional log fires are having something of a renaissance as more and more people are reverting to this traditional method of keeping warm. There are various reasons why people are opting to use log fires: soaring costs of electricity and gas, the desire to be greener and more eco-friendly and less reliant on power stations, [...]

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   Dec 25

Not Let Freezing Weather Ruin Your Winter Holiday

As many people are struggling to get away this winter, to avoid the snow or visit friends and family abroad, travelling away in the winter can bring with it some problems. Obviously, there is little you can do about the travel chaos caused by inclement weather but there are some things you should do that [...]

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   Dec 23

Cancun Climate Change Conference – What was it all about?

Last month, world leaders met in Cancun, Mexico to discuss the environment and future global policies aimed at reducing emission in a bid to slow global warming and help poorer countries, and those areas likely to be worst hit by global warming, cope with the consequences. Here is what happened at this eco friendly conference: [...]

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   Dec 22

Five Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts

As Christmas is a time for giving, there is no better time to buy eco-friendly gifts, but trying to find that eco present that is not overly practical or too preachy can be a real challenge. But there are plenty of gifts out there that are not only eco-friendly but make great presents – and [...]

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   Dec 20

Five Eco Friendly Products That Really Make a Difference

There is a massive range of eco-friendly products on the market, many of which make incredible claims that either can’t be substantiated, or are just not true. For some people this can lead to them being totally put-off from buying green as they find it difficult to sort through the eco snake oils and actually [...]

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   Dec 18

More Draught Exclusion Advice – Floorboards, Doors and Windows

With recent price hikes in gas and electric, everybody is looking to save money on heating costs, but the advantages of saving on heating aren’t just financial; more and more people are aware of the effects that high fuel and energy consumption can have on the environment, and many of us wish to live a [...]

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   Dec 16

Try a Log Maker This Christmas

There are few things that can be as romantic and cosy during the cold winter than an open fire. And while they do take some maintaining and you need to source the fuel they can really lift your mood when you come home from work on a cold winter’s evening. They are eco-friendly too with [...]

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   Dec 15

Mini Radiator Panels

Radiator panels are becoming increasingly popular as people attempt to reduce their energy consumption and try and save money on their ever-increasing fuel bills. These simple but remarkably clever devices boost the power of existing radiators, allowing you turn down the thermostat – saving both money and energy. They are easily fitted behind most radiators [...]

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