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   Jan 31

Different Ways to Recycle

One of the most fundamental things we can do to help the environment and be as eco-friendly as we can is to recycle. Recycling makes a direct impact on the world around us as it reduces the amount of waste that builds up on ever-increasing landfill sites and costs in both energy and money to [...]

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   Jan 29

Eco Friendly Baby Products – Tips for New Parents

There are so many products designed for babies and new mums that it can be daunting to find the right products for your baby. Many of the clothes that babies are introduced to are often made from man-made fibres that while they won’t harm your child, are not natural or eco-friendly. And as babies grow [...]

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   Jan 27

Natural Garden Products

As the worst of the winter seems to have subsided, it is time many people look out into the garden and start planning what to do with the garden in the spring and summer. Gardens are many people’s great pride; a place to go and relax after work in the summer months and at weekends, [...]

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   Jan 26

Choosing an Electricity Monitor

Energy and electricity monitors are now a common appliance in many people’s homes. They can provide valuable information about energy consumption, cost and wastage that can be used to drastically reduce bills, saving both money and energy which can benefit both ourselves and the environment. There are a wide range of energy monitors on the [...]

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   Jan 24

Solar Powered Gadgets – No Need to Wait for Summer

One of the arguments many people have about using solar power is that the devices only work during bright sunshine at the height of summer. This however, is not the case, there are many really useful and functional gadgets that cannot only operate in the meekest of brightness levels, but can supersede conventional devices. A [...]

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   Jan 22

Wrapping up Warm – Eco friendly Clothing and Linen

Eco friendly products that can save us money and keep our homes warm during the winter are extremely popular with items such as radiator panels, draught excluders and insulation able to keep out the cold and prevent the need to turn the heating up and add to the burgeoning emissions pumped into the atmosphere. However, [...]

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   Jan 20

Log Stores – Choosing and Positioning

Log stores on an important part of the process of using an open fire and producing fuel for the home. Whilst almost anything can be burned on a fire, properly seasoned firewood will burn far more slowly, producing maximum amount of heat for little smoke which will make using an open fire a more natural [...]

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   Jan 18

Insulating a Room and Keeping out Draughts

Room insulation is one method of reducing heating costs, saving energy and keeping warm. Insulating a room is especially relevant for older homes, where ill-fitting doors, windows and floorboards can allow heat to escape and cold draughts to enter and chill a room. Draught excluding has moved a long way from stuffed animal draught excluders [...]

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   Jan 16

Five Ways to Lower Your Bills for 2011

Reducing electricity and gas bills is something most people think about each year; however, with increases in VAT, hikes by the energy companies and a troubled economy, there are even more incentives this year to cut down on the fuel that we use. And its not just about saving money, either, the more energy we [...]

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   Jan 14

Garden Tips for Spring – Getting Ready for Spring

After such a harsh winter, many of us have been left with our gardens in a terrible state. Clearing up and getting ready for spring is something many gardeners are forced to do each year but it is a good opportunity to think of green ways you can get rid of the waste and tidy [...]

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