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   Mar 30

Some Eco Friendly Garden Ideas for this Summer

With the warm weather we’ve been having it seems hard to believe that just a couple of months ago, snow lay across most of the UK. With the arrival of spring and the warmer months many of us are looking to our gardens and getting ready to prepare them for summer. While we are not [...]

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   Mar 28

Eco Shopping Bags – Genuine Bags for Life

The plastic shopping bag has been a scourge on the environment for decades. These polythene bags we’ve all used in the past to carry our shopping home from the supermarket, now still linger in the environment refusing to degrade and clogging up landfills, waterways and hedgerows up and down the country. Millions of plastic bags [...]

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   Mar 27

Tidal Power comes to the UK

The UK is to be home to the world’s first major tidal power station, which will provide enough electricity to power 10,000 homes. The renewable energy station is to be built between the Hebridean islands if Islay and Jura. Generating enough energy to power the homes and distilleries on the islands, famous the their malt [...]

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   Mar 25

Japan Tragedy Sparks Nuclear Debate

Following the terrible events of last week, the dangers in Japan are far from over, after their nuclear reactors became badly damaged by the quake and Tsunami. This has lead many around the world to question the uses of nuclear energy and the danger it poses to the environment; however, with a need to reduce [...]

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   Mar 23

Product Review – Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are becoming an increasingly popular buy for people, and for quite a number of good reasons. More and more gadgets and gizmos are becoming par of our lives, from iPods and iPads, to laptops and PDAs, and not only are solar chargers an eco-friendly product that uses no conventional power, they have other [...]

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   Mar 21

Rising Fuel Costs Lead More to Think Green – Tips to Save Money

Energy saving products used to be the preserve of people with green and eco friendly motivations; however as fuel costs rise to due to an increase in taxes, the economy and other factors, more people are feeling the pinch and looking for was to reduce their energy consumption in a bid to save money. As [...]

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   Mar 19

Some Interesting and Stylish Recycled Products

Products made from recycled materials used to be seen as dowdy and only for the most ardent eco enthusiast; however, as more people realise the benefits of recycling, so more recycled products have arrived and many are not only practical but stylish and innovative too. Recycled products can be made from almost anything and often [...]

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   Mar 17

Being Green for Lent

Lent is a time when a lot of people forgo a few of the pleasures of life, in a bid to live a little better and to understand the importance of sacrifice. While cutting down on our drinking, smoking or satisfying our sweet tooth, are often targets of lent–cutting down on energy use should be [...]

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   Mar 15

Product Review – Choosing an Electricity Monitor

Electricity monitors are one of the popular eco products becoming common in people’s homes. More and more people are using these handy little devices to monitor their energy consumption and reduce waste. Not only can energy monitors like these help save energy, reducing your carbon footprint, but they can also provide the actual cost of [...]

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   Mar 13

Some of the Latest Eco Friendly Products

New eco-friendly innovations and ideas arrive on the market all the time and some are better and saving money and energy than others. There are many different criteria to making a product green but it has to be either sustainable, recycled, comparative low energy consumption, or must benefit the environment in another way. At Greenstamp [...]

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