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   Apr 29

Royal Wedding a Green Affair

An audience of two billion people watched the marriage of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton and people from all over the globe tuning in. Thankfully, the marriage has been planned as a ?low carbon’ event with Clarence House keen to set a good example. With Prince Charles a keen advocative or green issues, it’s no [...]

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   Apr 27

Gadgets and Gizmos – Saving Energy

Energy saving are two buzzwords that are often applied to many new products and appliances. Energy efficiency, low carbon, zero emissions are buzzwords aimed at appealing to our environmental consciences. But saving energy really does benefit the environment because the more energy we save the fewer the emissions that are being pumped into the atmosphere, [...]

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   Apr 25

The Basic Tenets of an Eco Product

With more and more people becoming aware of the environment, climate change and the need to live in a greener and more responsible way, a lot of products are often labelled as green, eco, or energy efficient. The term eco-friendly can often be misleading with many products brandishing it without real merit, and some cases [...]

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   Apr 23

Saving Money by Going Eco Friendly

When asked, a lot of people who don’t buy eco friendly products often suggest the main reason is that they can’t afford them. It is believed that eco friendly products are generally more expensive than similar non eco varieties, and that making the change is and added expense to a household budget. And while it [...]

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   Apr 21

Recycling Around the Home–Tips and Products to Make Things Easy

Recycling is now no longer the concern of jut a few of us passionate about the environment and being as eco-friendly as we can. Increasingly, more and more people are having to recycle as part of the waste management programme of their local council. Most of us are supplied with one or several recycling bins [...]

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   Apr 19

Spring Cleaning the Eco Way

By Richard Williams With spring now here, for many of us it’s time to open the windows, take down the curtains and give the house a thorough clean. Spring cleaning is as old a custom as there is, but there is nothing better than getting the house spick-and-span for summer. But spring cleaning can be [...]

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   Apr 17

Eco Gardening Tips – Weeds and Lawns

Its that time of year again. After a winter of inactivity, the lawn is starting to creep higher and weeds are starting to spring from the cracks in the patio. Keeping back the weeds and trimming the lawn are tasks all householders with a garden have to endure. As mowing the lawn every fortnight and [...]

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   Apr 15

Tips for Buying Log Stores

Log stores are a popular buy, becoming a common sight in people’s gardens. This rise in popularity comes with from  a renaissance of wood burning stoves. Decorative and practical, wood burning stoves make attractive features but are also inexpensive to run, with properly seasoned wood providing high amounts of heat for very little cost. Low in [...]

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   Apr 13

Getting Started with Compost

By Richard Williams With summer now arriving, many of us are looking at our back gardens mournfully, knowing its time to begin tidying them up to allow us to enjoy the warmer months. Lawns, plants and flowers can often look rather lacklustre after a hard winter, so ensuring they are kept well-fed throughout the summer [...]

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   Apr 11

Saving Water this Summer

Speculation has already begun as to how warm this summer is going to be. However, anything more than a couple of weeks of sunshine will ultimately lead to a hosepipe ban, as the summer I difficult time for local authorities to ensure they have enough supplies for the population. There are several reasons why us [...]

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