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   May 31

Dry Spring Playing Havoc with Wildlife and Environment

Ask any gardener what the spring this year has been like and they will probably bemoan the lack of rain and the poor quality of the summer. Set to be one of the driest springs in years, many gardens are struggling with lack of water and several water authoritative are already discussing hosepipe bans for [...]

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   May 29

Eco Products and Health

While saving energy and buying eco products around the home is great for the environment and can save money, being eco-friendly has other benefits too. Most people understand the importance of living healthily, and few people would argue that toxins in junk food and chemical-based products are good for the health, but unnatural products infest [...]

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   May 27

Eco Products that Really Work!

Richard Williams Following the global financial crisis in recent years, with many people tightening their purse strings, a growing scepticism has been building about green and eco products. A lot of this scepticism generates from untrue or outlandish claims that some marketing companies use on products that really don’t have any green credentials at all. [...]

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   May 25

Are You Ready for World Environment Day?

5 June marks International World Environment Day. World Environment Day, a day designed to get people talking and thinking about environment issues and living more eco-friendly, has ran since the 1970’s, and increasingly more and more people are taking notice. Unlike Earth Day, held last month, World Environment Day is a themed event, promoted by [...]

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   May 23

Eco Friendly Bathrooms–Saving Water

By Richard Williams With so much emphasis on saving energy and reducing climate change, people often forget there are other aspects to being green and living in an eco-friendly way. With rumours of water shortages this summer, saving water is something we should all think about. The bathroom is where we use the most amount [...]

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   May 21

Outdoor Living–Cabins and Cookhouses

By Richard Williams Reports in the press suggest that this summer could be a real scorcher, so we can all look forward to a barbecue summer and long hazy days in the back garden, enjoying the sunshine with our friends and family; however, the sceptics among us may suggest that weather predictions are often wrong [...]

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   May 19

Bird Tables and Nesting Boxes for Small Bird Species

By Richard Williams Summer brings with it plenty of pleasures including warmer weather, prolonged daylight and the beauty of blooming flowers in our back gardens. And for those lucky enough to have a back garden, enjoying long summer evenings can often be made more enjoyable by the singing and twittering of birds, and the sight [...]

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   May 17

Some Eco Products for the Kitchen

By Richard Williams The kitchen is perhaps the busiest room in the home. With all that cooking, laundry, tea-making and cleaning, the kitchen is also one of the highest energy consumption rooms in the home too, with a large proportion of our electricity bills stemming from the activities that go on in the kitchen. And [...]

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   May 15

Eco Holidaying–Staying Green on Vacation

By Richard Williams With summer now approaching, many of us are turning to thoughts of summer holidays and getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for a week or two. Holidays are perhaps the most eagerly awaited period of the year for many working families, but when we go away on vacation, [...]

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   May 13

Stand-by Savers–Essential in a Gadget Driven World

Our homes are full of technology. Nearly all rooms in our houses are full of electrical devices from televisions, DVD players, and set-top boxes, to computers, printers and music centres. While technology never stands still, with developments meaning we often have to upgrade our latest TVs and computers for the next generation models; however, one [...]

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