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   Jun 30

Understanding Solar Energy

With rising fuel prices, the threat of global warming and the sustainability of fossil fuels, there are growing calls for investment in renewable energy such as solar power, which is clean, cheap and eco-friendly. But is solar power a practical form of energy? Especially in a location such as the UK that gets precious little [...]

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   Jun 28

Eco Parties and Picnics

Summertime is a time for parties, picnics and days out. Packing a bag full of food and treats and going off for the day is an expensive treat many of us enjoy; however, when we are out and about it is important to remember the environment we are enjoying and remain as green as possible. [...]

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   Jun 26

Eco Books–Recommended Eco Reading

Ecology and living green is a difficult subject to grasp. With so many different areas of eco living from energy-saving to recycling, finding information about green living that can benefit you and your family can be difficult. Fortunately, a wide range of eco books are available that provide everything you need to know on green [...]

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   Jun 24

UK Tunnel Gets Eco Lights

For the first time, a British tunnel has had Eco lighting installed, which could slash both costs and carbon emissions. Upper Thames Street westbound tunnel, in the centre of London, has had the previous incandescent light bulbs replaced with long-life LED lights.. The new eco lights could reduce power consumption by up to 60%, slashing [...]

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   Jun 22

Water Saving Advice–Driest Spring in a Generation

Parts of the UK have had the driest spring on over a century, say the MET office. With less than half the amount of rainfall normal for a British spring we are now facing water shortages and hosepipe bans as water companies struggle to meet demand with dwindling levels in our reservoirs. Saving water is, [...]

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   Jun 20

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

While most of us recycle these days, either through choice or because of local authority guidelines, reducing energy use and relieving the burgeoning landfills is not just about throwing things in different coloured bins. There is more to recycling than just disposing of our waste in the recycling bin and it all starts when we go [...]

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   Jun 18

Five Areas to Go Green In

For those that wish to go eco-friendly or a live that little bit greener, but don’t know where to start, there are areas of our lives where if we all made a few changes, we could make a real difference to the environment, helping to make it green safer place for the next generation. Climate [...]

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   Jun 16

Vegetable Worries in Europe–Buy Local or Grow your Own

With the E. Coli outbreak in Germany have taken many lives and caused hospitalisation of hundreds of others, many people in the UK are also shunning salads out of fear. While there have been no reports of any infections caught from eating produce bought in Britain, people are still being wary. Part of the problem [...]

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   Jun 14

Using The Sun–Solar Power

The sun is the most important body in our solar system. It provides the Earth with light, which in turn provides heat and feeds the plants that we depend upon. The sun also helps our skin produce vitamin D a vital nutrient for our health and well-being, but the sun’s energy can be taken advantage [...]

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   Jun 12

Bamboo Fashion–Eco Chic

When most people hear the word bamboo, their mind either turns to canes that support plants in the garden, or the food that panda bears consume; however, bamboo is one of the most useful, practical and sustainable resources on Earth. Bamboo is a grass and is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth; this [...]

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