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   Jul 30

Get Ready for Winter–Radiator Panels

While British summers are nothing to get overly excited about, not having to turn on the heating helps us save money for half the year–a blessing considering the cost of gas and electricity. However, come late autumn, when temperatures drop, it will be soon time to turn on the radiators and subsequently begin to cost [...]

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   Jul 28

How to Go Green the Easy Way–Reducing Waste

Going green is often thought of as having to make sacrifices and live in a frugal and boring way. Often think of the green movement as equivalent to the hippy movement of the sixties, making people believe to live green they need to return to public transport, turning off the heating and electrical appliances, and [...]

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   Jul 26

Energy Saving Lights an Illuminating History

The energy-saving light bulb is a common fixture in many homes. Saving both energy and money, they provide as much illumination as regular incandescent light bulbs but use only a fraction of the power. Many of us think of energy saving light bulbs as a modern and eco-friendly form of lighting, but their history dates [...]

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   Jul 24

Saving Energy in the Kitchen

Perhaps the busiest area in our homes, the kitchen is where we cook, clean and wash our clothes, making it perhaps the most energy intensive areas of our home too. Nearly everything we do in the kitchen uses energy, so saving energy when we are cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry can go a long [...]

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   Jul 22

Eco News

£40,000 for Eco Businesses Eco-friendly businesses can get up to £40,000 for any green ideas that can help tackle climate change, thanks to an award scheme being run by Shell. Open to all UK-based small businesses, the Shell Springboard Awards will be given to viable and innovative business ideas that can help lead to reductions [...]

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   Jul 20

New at Greenstamp

Committed to bringing you the latest and best value eco friendly products on the market, Greenstamp are continuously adding new products to their range of green and natural product range. Here are some of the latest products available at Timber Garden Store with Log Shelter This rustic and stylish garden shed has a lean [...]

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   Jul 18

How Eco Friendly is your Weekly Shop?

Shopping for our weekly groceries is one area where few people think of the eco-friendliness of what is in their basket; however, a lot of what we buy, where we buy it and how we carry it home can have influences on the environment. Many of us do our shopping at a supermarket, and while [...]

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   Jul 16

Cab Drivers on Eco Friendly Drive

Cab drivers up and down the country are in a drive to save fuel this month as part of an eco-friendly challenge organised by fuel company, Shell. The Smarter Cab Drivers Challenge is a month-long driving challenge to help cab drivers become more fuel-efficient in their driving, which wil not ony help the environment but also [...]

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   Jul 14

Coping with the Price of Gas and Electric

Several of the UK’s leading gas and electric suppliers have announced massive price hikes on fuel, and the other major suppliers are expected to follow suit, with price rises of nearly 20% expected on fuel supplies. While this huge hikes in price are less noticeable now, during the summer, come winter, many people are going [...]

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   Jul 12

Three R’s for Reducing your Rubbish–Recycling and other Tips

Britain is desperately running out of space on landfills. Each year, UK households throws over 80 millions tonnes of waste on to landfills, ranging from food waste, plastic bags and unwanted clothes; however much of what gets thrown out can either be recycled or avoided in the first place. Increasingly our local authorities are ensuring [...]

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