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   Aug 31

A Rundown of Eco Ideas that Save Money

Saving energy and saving money go hand-in-hand. One of the hidden benefits of eco-friendly products is that they not only help reduce climate change lower carbon emissions but also they help lower our energy bills too. Some eco-friendly products can make a huge difference to our energy bills and even when you take into account [...]

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   Aug 29

Eco Products–Low Energy and Zero Energy

Energy saving products come in two different varieties, those that use less energy than traditional products and those that use no energy at all. Both types of products are great ways of saving energy, helping the environment and saving money, but with so many products claiming to save energy it can be difficult to establish what [...]

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   Aug 27

Organizing Recycling

One of the weekly chores most of us dislike is doing the bins. Emptying the household rubbish bins, bagging it up and taking it outside for the refuse collectors is an unwelcome but necessary chore. With the advent of recycling, now compulsory in most local authorities, this chore has become even more complicated. No longer [...]

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   Aug 25

Are Eco Products Worth the Investment?

Many eco-friendly products that replace traditional goods an appliances certainly have benefits to the environment, but is buying a new product worth the investment? Some eco-friendly products cost a little more than traditional items and many people are unsure if the added expensive is worth the investment. However, while many eco-friendly products do indeed benefit [...]

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   Aug 23

Avoiding Winter Fuel Bill Rises

Nearly all the major energy providers have increased the cost of their gas and electricity–some by up to 20 percent, and this prices are due to hit when most people will feel it the most–winter. Some people on a budget are really worried about these price rises, and nobody wants to find themselves in the [...]

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   Aug 21

Reducing Household Bills–Waste

Waste is one of the most damaging things people do to damage the environment. Wasted energy can account for a large proportion of our energy usage, which means waste is also a major part of our quarterly energy bills. By cutting down on waste, we can not only help the environment by lowering our annual [...]

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   Aug 19

Garden Lighting–Eco Choices

Anybody that enjoys spending time in the garden knows the benefits of garden lighting. By providing illumination in the evening when it’s still warm enough to sit outside, garden lights help us to enjoy our gardens for longer. Garden lights also provide security, enabling us to see out into the back garden at night, deterring [...]

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   Aug 18

Eco News: Tesco Ditches Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Leading supermarket Tescos has ditched its ‘eco-friendly’ carrier bags after research revealed they could be more damaging to the environment than conventional plastic bags. As mentioned on this blog, so-called eco friendly carrier bags which are thicker and more durable than conventional carrier bags, can cause more harm than good. While they are made of [...]

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   Aug 17

Using Solar Powered Chargers

Solar powered gadgets have been with us for quite a long time. Traditionally, only low powered items such as calculators and digital watches could get enough power from the sun to operate, but this is no longer the case. In fact, many of the modern gadgets we all use daily, can now use the sun [...]

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   Aug 15

Returning to Log Fires

With the huge rises seen in recent weeks for gas and electricity, a lot of people are worrying about how they will afford to heat their homes this winter. While most people have central heating, which is a fairly efficient method of heating, with the costs of fuel, it’s certainly not cheap, but there are [...]

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