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   Sep 30

Alternative Energy Sources and the Future

Most of the world’s energy requirements are generated using fossil fuel reactors, namely gas and coal. Burning fossil fuels, however, is one of the major causes for greenhouse gas emissions. As greenhouse gases are the primary cause of climate change, the need for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is obvious. And as fossil fuels [...]

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   Sep 29

Eco News

Greenpeace Celebrates its 40th Birthday One of the world’s leading environmental movements, Greenpeace, celebrated its 40th birthday last month. Started in Vancouver in 1971 by a group of activists protesting against off-shore nuclear testing in Alaska, Greenpeace were one of the first eco-friendly movements, but for many years the group were seen as a fringe [...]

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   Sep 28

Preparing for Winter

Autumn is now officially here and with the arrival of autumn comes the arrival of longer and colder nights. Due to price rises in the cost of energy, many of us are reluctant to turn the heating on and are waiting as long as possible. However, by making preparations now, before the colder weather truly [...]

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   Sep 26

Food Waste and Prevention

Wasting food is something many of us worry about. Not only is food becoming more expensive, with so many people in the world short of food, food waste is unethical. Furthermore, with the energy used in producing our food and delivering it to our local shops, wasting food is also not very eco friendly. Preventing [...]

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   Sep 24

How to Make Your Kitchen Eco Friendly

Perhaps the busiest room in the house, the kitchen is also one of the most demanding for energy. Cooking, cleaning dishes, washing clothes and preparing food all requires energy. Then there is the waste. Food products and food waste make up a large proportion of our household waste, so the kitchen is an area where [...]

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   Sep 22

Why Monitor Energy at Home?

This may seem like a silly question as most people know the benefits of keeping an eye on the energy we use to save money. Energy monitors are great at helping us see how much energy we are using, and letting us calculate how big our bills will be; energy monitors help us avoid nasty [...]

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   Sep 20

The Dwindling Number of Hedgehogs

One of Britain’s most beloved of animals, the hedgehog, is under threat of becoming extinct according to a recent survey. Hedgehog numbers have dropped by 25% in the last decade and their numbers are continuing to decline. Not only are hedgehogs one of our most endearing of wild animals, immortalised by Beatrix Potter’s Mrs Tiddlywinks, [...]

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   Sep 18

Some Great Eco Friendly Products for Autumn

Now autumn is here it means longer, colder nights and time to think about keeping warm. However, with all the recent price rises in gas and energy, more and more people will be looking to save money this autumn and winter, which is why choosing to be more efficient with eco friendly products can really [...]

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   Sep 16

Eco Friendly Computers and Computing

We can’t live without them. Computers are as much a part of most of our daily lives as telephones, the TV and the refrigerator. Whether you use a computer for work, or just browse the internet, shopping, social networking or catching up with the news, computers provide us with a wealth of information available at [...]

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   Sep 14

Eco and Ethical Logos to Look out for

Shopping conscientiously is something many of us try to do. Buying goods from sustainable sources, using eco-friendly products wherever possible and making sure the things we buy come from an ethical company, which doesn’t exploit either the people who work for it or the environment is an important aspect of conscientious consumerism. We are all [...]

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