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   Oct 30

Natural Fire Tips

With the cold weather now well and truly here, most of us are turning our heating on. Because of the rising price of fuel, keeping warm, this winter may prove expensive, but some people are turning to natural methods of heating their homes such as an open fire or wood burning stove. While burning wood [...]

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   Oct 28

Turning Gadgets Eco Friendly

Gadgets are no longer the preserve of the techno-geek; nearly all of us have a whole host of gadgets, gizmos and electronic devices that we simply cannot live without. From the mobile phone and MP3 players we carry in our pockets, to the laptops, e-readers, tablet computers, and PCs we use at home and the [...]

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   Oct 26

Turning Down the Thermostat

Inflation is at a record high, and one of the reasons, according to analysts, is the record high fuel prices. Gas, electric and petrol are all at record levels, which is bad news for many of us with winter just around the corner. Winter is the most expensive time for energy consumption, which is not [...]

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   Oct 24

Bird Tables and Feeders to Help Winter Wildlife

As mentioned before on this blog winter is a difficult time for our local wildlife, and none have it as bad as our local bird species. Robins, tits and chaffinches really struggle to eke out a living during the harsh winter months, so feeding birds can really help these beautiful creatures survive through the colder [...]

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   Oct 22

Draught Proofing Older Windows and Doors

With winter arriving in earnest, and with fuel prices at a record high, keeping warm over the next few months could become costly. For people that live in older homes, heating can often be more costly. As homes age, doors and windows start to become less snug, often allowing in draughts and letting the heat [...]

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   Oct 20

Natural, Chemical Free Candles

When it comes to relaxing, one of the best methods to help us unwind and calm down, is getting the lighting right. Lighting creates mood, and often our electric bulbs are too bright and provide too strong a glow to allow us to relax properly. Candles, with their flickering light and soft glow are the [...]

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   Oct 18

A Helping Hand to Winter Wildlife

Winter is a tough time for many of us. Long, dark nights, the cold and the cost of keeping warm make it an unfavourable time of year for many people, but as harsh as winter is for us, for our local wildlife, winter can prove even harsher. For much of our local wildlife, winter is [...]

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   Oct 16

Pre Winter Checklist–energy-saving and what to look out for

The short-lived Indian summer seems to be over and the colder weather is beginning to creep in. Winter is around the corner and with recent rises in gas and electricity prices, not to mention a struggling economy, this winter may prove a costly one. Saving energy is not just an eco-friendly issue anymore, increasingly more [...]

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   Oct 14

An Overview of Standby Savers

Standby is a term used to describe devices that while appearing to be off, are still consuming power. Many devices our homes have a standby mode including TVs, DVD players, digital set-top boxes, music players, microwave ovens and computers. Standby mode does have some advantages, principally it allows all remote control operation of all these [...]

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   Oct 12

Eco Fabrics and Fashion

While most people think of eco-friendly products as being low energy items that help reduce climate change, items that are sustainable and non-harmful to the environment are just as important in helping the environment. Over use of precious resources and manufacture of items using chemicals and other harmful processes means a lot of the things [...]

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