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   Nov 29

Being Greener around the Home Office

With so many people working from home now, we have far more opportunities to be a bit greener when it comes to working. We may think that home working is good for the environment, after all, we are not using petrol to travel to and from work, but we are still having an impact when [...]

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   Nov 27

Renewable Energy – Alternatives to Solar Power

Due to climate change and the effects of carbon fossil fuels, more and more people and governments are looking to Renewable energy sources to provide power. Solar panels, wind farms and wave capture technology are helping to supplement our energy requirements and reduce the amount of CO2 that coal-fired power stations pump into the atmosphere. [...]

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   Nov 25

Some Eco Christmas Ideas

With less than a month to go, Christmas is just around the corner, and many people are beginning to prepare for the festive season. Christmas can be a stressful time and an expensive one, with finding gifts for everybody always a challenge. Christmas is also not one of the most eco friendly times of the [...]

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   Nov 23

Have you tried a Logmaker Yet?

As fuel prices have risen, an increasing number of people have invested in wood burning stoves or begun using open fires again. Burning wood to provide heat provides plenty of cost savings, as anyone with a wood burning stove will tell you, they produce high levels of heat. And using these traditional methods of heating [...]

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   Nov 21

Winter Essentials – Radiator Panels

Winter is fast approaching. Now the nights are getting longer and we are approaching December, many of us are turning out heating up and preparing for the annual cold spell. This year, though, with astronomical fuel prices, keeping warm during the winter may prove costly and finding ways to keep warm and save money is [...]

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   Nov 19

Latest Eco News

Eurozone Crisis Threatens UK Climate Change Fund The difficulties facing the Eurozone have meant that a £3 billion climate change fund destined for the UK is under threat, according to a report by accountants Ernst & Young. Because of the measures taken by Eurozone’s major economies, a £14.3 billion climate change fund is facing a [...]

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   Nov 17

Why do we Recycle?

Nearly all of us now recycle, whether by choice or because of the demands of our local authorities. But recycling can be a real chore sometimes, separating all that waste into different recycling bins and receptacles, with some local authorities insisting residents use at least six different recycling bins. While many see the benefit of [...]

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   Nov 15

Why Compost

Composting is both good for the garden and for the environment. F you are into gardening and don’t compost, buying fertilizers, plant food and specialist soils will also be costing you money, needlessly. While plants and vegetables get a lot of their food by converting sunlight into starch (photosynthesis), most household and garden plants still [...]

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   Nov 13

How Does Solar Heating Work?

In many areas, roof-mounted solar panels are becoming an ever-increasing sight. This is a good thing, with more people using solar power to provide hot water, the less power is taken from the mains resulting in power stations producing less harmful emissions, which contribute to global warming. Some people, however, think Britain is a country [...]

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   Nov 11

Now Anybody can have Green Fingers

Growing plants, whether for ornamental reasons or for herbs and vegetables for the table, is something many people consider but are often put off, thinking that you need green fingers to be able to grow things successfully and that gardening sounds like too much hard work. And while gardeners spend a lifetime acquiring knowledge that [...]

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