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   Dec 30

Solar Chargers for your Christmas Gadgets

While your granny may tell you that as a child all she got in her stocking at Christmas was a tangerine, in this day and age it is more likely that people have received a whole host of gadgets and gizmos as presents. Laptops, smartphones, tablet computers, e-readers and ipods are popular gifts for people of [...]

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   Dec 28

Eco Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

New Year often means New Year’s resolutions. From losing weight to giving up smoking, most people end up breaking their New Year’s resolutions by February, but there is one type of resolution we should all try to stick to, and that is to be a little more eco friendly. Promising to live a live a [...]

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   Dec 26

Eco Holiday Planning

With the cold weather and dark nights, this time of year is a common period for when people start thinking about holidays. Whether it’s a winter break or planning the summer holiday, the prospect of packing up and getting a away, if only for a few days is one way of getting rid of the [...]

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   Dec 24

Low Cost methods of Keeping out the Cold

Keeping warm during the winter months is very important, especially for people with young children and the elderly. The cold can cause us to fall ill, but with such high fuel prices in Britain at the moment, too many people are turning the heating off in a bid to save money. Fuel poverty is a [...]

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   Dec 22

Economy and Jobs – the Future’s Green

Since the global financial crisis that caused the 2007 recession, Britain has struggled to achieve any economic growth. Many industry sectors are struggling and large number so of people are facing the New Year without employment. However, one area of industry that is growing and continuing to thrive is the green sector. Green industries, those [...]

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   Dec 20

Looking Forward to Summer – Making the most of the garden

With the cold weather making many of us feel glum, one way of cheering ourselves up is to look forward the summer months when we can get back outside and enjoy the garden. Being as summertime never lasts as long as we’d all hope, making the most of the summer months while we can help [...]

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   Dec 18

The New Agreement on Climate Change

While the most of the media obsessed about the crunch Euro talks of early December, another, more important conference was being held in Durban, South Africa. Governments and leading environmental organisations met at the 17th Climate Change Summit, to discuss the problem of global warming and layout new plans to help curb emissions and prevent [...]

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   Dec 16

How Many Recycling Bins?

Recycling is no longer something just the minority of people do. Nearly all local authorities now insist that householders recycle at least some of their weekly waste. This is good news for the environment and the local council, helping to alleviate the pressures on landfill and the costs of disposal. However, it’s not so great [...]

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   Dec 14

Using Renewable Energy around the Home

While nations around the globe are investing in renewable energy to replace the coal and gas fired power station that currently contribute to climate change, the march to replacing existing energy production methods is a slow one. Investment in technologies such as solar power, wind turbines and tidal capture power stations is expensive, and in [...]

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   Dec 12

An Eco Winter – Keeping Warm and Saving Energy

As the weather gets colder, inevitably we spend money in maintaining the temperature of our homes. Of course, this also means we are using more energy, but it is possible to keep warm while saving both energy and money by making small changes around the home. One of the biggest causes of poor energy efficiency [...]

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