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   Jan 31

Three Inexpensive Ways of Saving Energy and Money

Some eco friendly energy-saving methods, such as solar panels, are not within everybody’s household budget. Solar panels are expensive to install, and while grants are available to help with costs, the can still prove too expensive for many people. There are, however, several inexpensive eco friendly energy saving products that can make a big difference [...]

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   Jan 29

The Eco Friendly Shopping Bag Paradox

Plastic shopping bags have been a blight on the environment for many years. Each year, millions of plastic bags are thrown away, ending up on landfills and causing environmental problems. Because plastic bags don’t degrade, they linger for years and cause severe environmental problems. Plastic bags get into waterways, causing a hazard to waterfowl and [...]

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   Jan 27

How Eco Friendly is your Front Door?

One area of the home where a lot of heat gets lost is the front door. Depending on how busy your home is, with kids coming and going all the time, front doors can be forever being opened and closed letting the heat escape and allowing cold draughts to get in. Of course, we all [...]

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   Jan 25

January Eco News

New Laws to Make Washing Powder more Eco Friendly The EU has introduced new laws to curb the amount of harmful chemicals in washing powders and tablets. All washing powders and detergents, including those for the dishwasher, will have to be virtually phosphorous free from June 2013. Phosphorous in washing powders have a harmful effect [...]

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   Jan 23

Bamboo Active Clothing

Whether you spend time in the gym, go jogging, or play sports such as squash, wearing the right clothes is important for working out. The wrong clothing can lead to excess sweat, make you feel overly hot and lead to unpleasant smells. They can also impinge on performance, especially if the clothing doesn’t stretch to accommodate your [...]

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   Jan 21

Buying an Eco Friendly Car

When it comes to getting a new car, thinking eco friendly is high up on most people’s agenda. Not only are eco friendly cars better for the environment, emitting less harmful gases out of the exhaust, but also eco friendly cars provide more mileage for each gallon of petrol, saving money, which considering the high [...]

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   Jan 19

Some Neat Renewable Energy Gadgets

With the amount of energy we all consumer, any device that can replace conventional power with a more renewable source is welcomed to help alleviate the climate change and enable us to live a little more eco friendly. Renewable energy gadgets are those devices that take their power from a sustainable source and don’t produce [...]

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   Jan 17

How to Season Logs

So many people now have wood burning stoves or are using traditional pen fireplaces, and for good reason. Heating a home the old-fashioned way, using logs, is not only cheaper than relying on gas and electric, but is also more eco friendly – but only if you use seasoned logs. Seasoned logs are those that [...]

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   Jan 15

The Art of Composting

Composting is having a renaissance among gardeners as a method of fertilizing the garden and feeding the lawn. Composting is natural and inexpensive, requiring very little other than a good composter, time and a little patience. Why Compost There are several good reasons why gardeners compost. Compared to the amount of fertilizers and plant feeds [...]

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   Jan 13

Get Free Loft Insulation from your Gas and Electric Supplier

Loft and cavity insulation are fundamental in helping to save energy and money. Because heat rises, preventing it from escaping out of the home makes your home heating system more effective and efficient. Loft and cavity insulation does cost a fair amount to install, however, due to government rules intended to make gas and electricity [...]

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