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   Feb 28

Let’s Get Ready to Compost

Now the cold weather is beginning to make a retreat, it’s time to look out to the garden an plan what you are going to do this spring. However, before you get started with the weeding and pruning and go out to buy all that plant feed and fertilizer, why not consider a composter? Composters [...]

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   Feb 26

Eliminate the Curse of Standby

Virtually all electrical devices, from the TV and DVD player, to the set-top box and stereo system have a stand-by mode. Stand-by has its uses; it enables us to turn a device on with the remote control, but it also comes with a cost. When a device is on stand-by, it is still on, still [...]

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   Feb 24

Effectiveness of Energy Monitoring

Energy monitors are becoming a popular tool for many households, either keen to save energy, to make their households a little more eco friendly, or save money, especially with the current record-high electricity prices. Electricity monitors work by measuring the amount of energy a house is consuming. Most electricity monitors work in real time and [...]

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   Feb 22

Thinking Green at the Office

While many of us take pains to be green around the home, making sure we recycle, save energy and use eco friendly products, few of us make the same effort when we are at work. All too often, green intentions disappear at the office door and the pressures of our jobs lead us to waste [...]

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   Feb 20

Water Saving Critical as Droughts Loom

While we may still be in the throes of winter, major water shortages have been forecast for this spring. Water companies are suggesting that parts of Britain may face some of the worst droughts in over thirty years this year because reservoirs are at critically low levels. And groundwater levels are still falling. The parts [...]

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   Feb 18

A Natural Home is a Healthy Home

Millions of people around the UK suffer from allergies, and the numbers are increasing. According to the British Allergy Foundation, one in three of us will suffer an allergy at some point in our lives. While the reasons for this increase in allergies in unclear, scientists believe several different factors play a part. These include [...]

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   Feb 16

National Nest Box Week

This week is National Nest Box week. Held each year during the same week as Valentine’s Day, National Nest Box Week aims to raise awareness of our native bird populations and to encourage more people to put up nest boxes in their gardens. Because many of the natural areas where birds nest have disappeared, many [...]

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   Feb 14

Are You Using Radiator Panels Yet?

Winter is seemingly having a second bite at the British weather. Snow has fallen in many parts of the country and icy temperatures look like they are lasting for a few more weeks. This inevitably means that we all have to keep our heating turned up high, which is not good for our household budgets, [...]

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   Feb 12

Solar Power around the Home

While sun can quite often be conspicuous by its absence in the UK, solar power is still an effective method of providing energy around the home. As solar power is a renewable energy, the more we can make use of it, the less reliant we are on power stations and the more we help reduce [...]

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   Feb 10

Recycling, Reusing and Reducing

Most people recycle now and it’s an important part of being green. Recycling bins are outside most people’s houses and the more of our waste we recycle the better it is for the environment. Recycling saves energy, reduces landfill and makes precious resources more sustainable. However, recycling is not the be all and end all. [...]

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