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   Mar 31

Make the Most of the Sunshine with Solar Powered Gadgets

Most of the country is being bathed in sunshine, which is great news for all of us, but these added sunny days can bring with it some great opportunities to save a little money and energy by using solar powered gadgets to replace our conventionally mains powered devices. Solar powered devices have moved on a [...]

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   Mar 29

Barbecue Season is Here – Some Outdoor Cooking Tips

When the sun comes out, Britain suddenly erupts to the aroma of char-grilled food as people flock to their gardens and take advantage of the sunshine by dusting off the barbecue. Outdoor cooking is a great British pastime and is fantastic way of entertaining and enjoying the garden, but it does come with its downsides. [...]

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   Mar 27

Organic is not just about Vegetables

Organic foods have been with us for a long time now. An increasing number of people are choosing to buy organic produce when they do their weekly shopping. And it’s no surprise. With all the chemicals, intensive farming methods and additives that are added to regular food, buying organic ensures we are eating a more [...]

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   Mar 25

Solar Powered Gadgets – Renewable Energy around the Home

When it comes to reducing our impact on global warming, there are really only two ways we can help: to reduce our energy use in as many ways as possible, or to look to alternative energy sources. When it comes to home energy consumption, the only really viable form of renewable energy available is solar [...]

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   Mar 23

Sustainability the New Eco Friendly Mantra

Because of the threat of climate change, energy saving often gets promoted as the number one form of eco friendly living. While it’s true that saving energy is important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we shouldn’t forget to the importance of other aspects of environmentalism. Sustainability is becoming more prevalent. More and more companies are [...]

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   Mar 21

Looking for a Log Store

Log stores are essential for anybody with a wood burning stove or open fire. With a log store, you can collect and season your own wood, enabling you to have free, slow burning fuel to heat your home. Log stores are not just tidy wood sheds to store logs, they serve a practical purpose too, [...]

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   Mar 19

Some Handy Energy Saving Gadgets

No matter how much energy you save by having an efficient home, turning off the lights when not in use, and making sure you don’t waste energy needlessly, it is always possible to save that little bit more. Energy saving is not a finite undertaking, there are often little bits of energy wastage that accumulate [...]

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   Mar 17

Eco Cars Unveiled in Geneva

Last week’s Geneva Motor Show, traditionally an annual display of gas guzzling sports cars by manufacturers such as Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes, was this year dominated by the electric, hybrid and eco car designs. Eco cars used to be poorly received by the motoring press, with their clunky looks and poor performance failing to capture [...]

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   Mar 15

UK Drought Worst in 30 Years

Britain is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years, officials have said. Hosepipe bans have already been put in place in many regions and all of us are being asked to save as much water as possible. This water shortage is due to the country having experienced one of its driest winters in years, leaving [...]

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   Mar 13

Time for a Log Store if you want Low Heating Costs Next Winter

Saving money on heating our home is something about which everybody is concerned. The price of gas and electric has never been higher, and when winter comes, it can become financially crippling for many families, a record number of which end up in fuel poverty. Finding inexpensive methods of providing home heating can make a [...]

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