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   May 28

The Problem with the Ecolabel

It has been 20 years since the European Union introduced the Ecolabel, a symbol designed to encourage businesses to create and market products that meet environmental standards. However, most people have never head of the Ecolabel, and its use has never matched the success of other consumer conscious labelling such as the Fairtrade symbol, which [...]

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   May 25

Are E-books a Green Alternative?

E-books are fast turning into a revolution. More e-books are now sold each year than hardbacks, and soon, people are estimating that e-books will take over the popularity of paperbacks too. There is a wide variety of e-book readers on the market now, from Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, to WHSmith’s Kobo. Furthermore, there [...]

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   May 23

Why Energy Saving is so Important

We are constantly being told to save energy and live more energy efficiently. Often the reason we are offered why energy saving is so important is that wasting energy contributes to climate change, but how big a difference can we as individuals make? Actually, the answer is that we can make a huge difference as [...]

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   May 20

Where our Water Goes

Water has been a popular subject in the news in recent months. A dry 2011 has seen droughts affect many parts of the country, despite excessive rain last month, which was the wettest April for many years. Water is of course the most essential resource we have but most of us take its ready use [...]

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   May 17

Electricity Monitor Spotlight – Efergy Elite

Nobody likes nasty surprises, and high electricity bills can often come as a shock to people. Electricity prices are at extremely high levels at the moment, so keeping an eye on energy usage and eliminating waste is not only good for the environment but also good for our pockets too. Electricity monitors are handy and [...]

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   May 15

Exercise while you Work

One of the best ways of being a little more eco friendly is to replace the tasks that we’ve come to rely on our appliances to do, with good old fashioned elbow grease. Most of us know that walking is far better for the environment than using the car, but there are plenty of alternative [...]

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   May 13

Bedding and Towels – the Natural Way

Buying eco friendly products is not always about thinking what is best for the environment. Sometimes, buying eco products can be better for our health and wellbeing too, and a good example is in the types of materials that make up our bedroom and bathroom linen. Many of our duvets, towels and other linen are often made [...]

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   May 11

How a Simple Eco Routine can make a Big Difference

While there are a whole host of energy saving gadgets and eco friendly products designed to save energy and money, when it comes to being eco friendly, small changes in our daily routines can make a big difference. A good example is the light bulbs we use. An energy saving light bulb uses a fraction [...]

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   May 09

The Eco Gardener

This time of year is when people traditionally turn their minds back to the garden. After winter, when the garden appears lifeless, spring means that the lawn is going to start to need cutting and many of the plants and shrubs are going to begin blooming. Gardening can be hard work, especially if you have [...]

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   May 07

Making Logs with Logmakers

For anybody with an open fire or wood burning stove, a log maker is a fantastic tool to make free fuel and reduce the amount of recycling you have to do. By turning waste paper, card and other waste into tight, compact logs, you can heat a home for nothing. Simply throwing waste paper on [...]

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