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   Jun 30

Benefits of Beekeeping – Beekeeping kits for beginners

Greenstamp has just introduced the Homebee Honey Hive, which is an exciting new product that offers both experienced beekeepers and newcomers a high quality Top Bar hive for keeping Honey Bees. For anybody that enjoys honey, who has an interest in helping the environment, beekeeping is an ideal hobby and with the Homebee Honey Hive, [...]

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   Jun 28

The Waste Paper Mountain

No matter how hard we try to be more environmental, we still seem to generate just as much rubbish as we have always done, especially when it comes to waste paper. Despite most of us throwing waste paper into the recycling, there is so much of it produced, that recycling companies simple can’t cope and [...]

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   Jun 25

Radiators and Laundry

When the weather is bad, like it has been recently, it makes laundry day a bit of a conundrum. While you need to dry your clothes, you obviously can’t hang them outside on the line, while using a tumble dryer is not only expensive but it is highly energy consuming and therefore not very environmentally [...]

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   Jun 22

Renewable Energy Subsidies

For those considering installing some form of renewable energy system in their homes, whether that is solar panels, solar thermal heating or a biomass boiler, the biggest consideration is often the cost these technologies can pose. While renewable energy systems can make substantial savings on home heating and energy costs, they do represent a significant [...]

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   Jun 20

The Great Energy Conundrum

The future of where Britain’s future energy will come from is a topic hotly debated at the moment. The threat of global warming has made many governments realize there is a need for cleaner energy production. However, different solutions for energy use all come with their own individual drawback, which is making the future of [...]

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   Jun 18

The Technology behind Solar Power Products

Solar power has moved on a long way the last few decades. There was a time that solar power could only be used for low power devices such as calculators. However, these days solar energy can power all sorts of devices, from outdoor lighting to battery rechargers able to keep laptops, mobile phones and other [...]

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   Jun 16

The Recycling Cycle

Most of us recycle these days, separating our different waste into different recycling bins. However, few of us spare a thought to what actually happens to all that recycled waste, how it is processed and the types of products it is turned into. Different local authorities vary on the type of recycling schemes they operate. [...]

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   Jun 13

Growing your own Vegetables

Whether it is the recession, rising cost of food, or more people keen to try out their green fingers, there has been a huge rise in the number of people growing their own vegetables. A recent survey found that a staggering one if four people now grow their own vegetables, either in the garden or [...]

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   Jun 11

Natural Beauty Products Become Vogue

Natural beauty products are becoming more and more popular. With so many women now aware of the sheer number of chemicals manufacturers of beauty products put into their moisturisers and skin care products, many are turning to more natural alternatives. Even celebrities have been declaring the benefits of natural beauty products, with Harry Potter actress [...]

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   Jun 08

The Inexpensive Eco Products that make a Big Difference

Because money is tight and times are hard, many people sacrifice their desire to buy green products and shop more eco friendly, often arguing that he cost of eco friendly product and green alternatives is just too high. And while it certainly is true that buying organic does cost a bit more, while a new [...]

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