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   Aug 30

Options and Considerations for Eco Motoring

We all know that driving is bad for the environment. The emissions from cars are responsible for contributing to climate change, with a gallon of petrol releasing 20Ibs of Co2 into the atmosphere through our exhausts. Furthermore, while catalytic converters and unleaded petrol have made motoring cleaner, car emissions still pollute air quality and contain [...]

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   Aug 27

Can you have a Green Wedding?

No matter how eco friendly you think you are, or how good your intentions are towards the environment, there are some occasions where all these good intentions go out the window. Weddings are flamboyant affairs, and quite right too. Nobody wants to scrimp during his or her big day or cut back on all the [...]

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   Aug 25

Green Clothing and Eco Chic

Eco clothing has moved on dramatically since the sixties where the flower power generation clothed themselves in hemp. The move to dress in a more eco friendly manner has been slow, but more and more people are realising both the environmental and ethical problems associated with many of the clothes we buy. As the price [...]

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   Aug 22

Feng Shui your Home the Eco Friendly Way

Most people will have heard of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, where rooms are organised and decorated to promote happiness and well-being. While much of what is preached in Feng Shui may sound a bit odd to us in the modern day, for anybody interested in living green, some if it makes a [...]

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   Aug 20

Understanding the Concepts of Insulation and Draught Proofing

Saving energy isn’t just about kitting the home out with energy saving gadgets. Perhaps the simplest methods of saving energy is to ensure it is not being wasted unnecessarily. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to prevent all the heat escaping from your home. However, by ensuring you have adequate insulation and [...]

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   Aug 16

Importance of Recycling Food Waste

Most people would agree that throwing food away is quite unethical, especially when you consider the number of people in the world who don’t have enough to eat. However, food waste is not just about ethics, it is also about wasting energy and resources. Huge amounts of energy go into producing food, from growing and [...]

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   Aug 14

The Need for more Plastic Recycling

Most local authorities now insist on household recycling and offer recycling bins for card, paper, metals and glass. However, too few have plastic recycling schemes in operation, and this is a problem. Plastic is one of the most environmentally unsound materials. Plastic is made from oil, which requires large amounts of energy to get out [...]

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   Aug 11

Laundry Day and Being Green

One of the tasks, which proves to be the hardest to keep green while doing, is washing our clothes. Virtually every aspect of doing the laundry is bad for the environment. From water and energy use to the detergents and softeners we put in the machine, are all bad for the environment. And drying clothes [...]

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   Aug 09

How to Get your Kids into Gardening

Getting the kids away from the TV and video game console can be a challenge for many parents, especially in the summer holidays. However, years ago, kids spent most of the summer playing outside, and while not every parent feels it is safe for their children to run around the streets, getting them into the [...]

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   Aug 07

The Good Life

Getting back to basics is a great way to live more sustainably. While few of us have the space to convert our gardens into little freeholdings, there is plenty we can do in even the smallest back garden. From growing vegetables to rearing chickens for fresh eggs every day, getting back to basics is not [...]

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