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   Sep 27

Does being Eco really mean you have to spend more?

A lot of people complain that some eco products are too expensive, or cost more than regular items. This is a fair point, some eco products do indeed cost more to buy than conventional products, but there is far more to the cost of a product than just its sales tag. Cost of green products [...]

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   Sep 24

How Eco is your Kitchen?

Kitchens are busy hubs. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and do multiple tasks from washing up and cooking, to doing the laundry. This means the kitchen is also one of the most energy consuming rooms in the home. Not only are kitchens full of various electrical appliances, from the food mixer [...]

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   Sep 21

A Look at some of the best Heat Energy Savers

Heating our homes, especially in the winter, accounts for a large chink of our quarterly energy bills. Heating costs a lot, especially with today’s high electricity and gas prices and anything you can do to reduce the cost of heating must surely be welcomed. Of course, most people have heard how adequate insulation and a [...]

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   Sep 19

Save Money by Log Making

Log making is becoming increasingly popular, and there is plenty of discussion on the internet talking about how much money people are saving by making there own logs. Of course, to take advantage of log makers you need an open fire or wood burning stove, but the money you can save burning you own logs [...]

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   Sep 17

Top Five Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are a great way to recharge our gadgets and devices, especially for those people that enjoy the outdoor life. Hikers, ramblers, climbers and mountain bikers often find themselves in locations where there is no access to a power point, so using the sun to add some juice to the trusty mobile or laptop [...]

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   Sep 15

Boosting your Heating and Reducing your Bills

After such a dismal summer, winter is not going to be welcomed by many people. However, it will soon be on us, and if you are worried about your winter fuel bills, now is the time to take steps to reduce the cost of your heating. Being able to turn the heating down is of [...]

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   Sep 13

The Effects of Climate Change could be Worse than we Fear

The effects of climate change and global warming may be worse than anybody first imagine, a new study has found. Melting Arctic ice could be compounding the problems of rising CO2 levels, by increasing the amount of sunlight absorbed by the sea, which will rise temperatures even further. Arctic ice acts like a giant mirror, [...]

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   Sep 10

Reclaimed and Sustainable Timber

Wood is an important resource. We use it for so many things, from house building to making furniture. Wood is also a precious resource as trees take a long time to grow and they play an important role in converting CO2, a common greenhouse gas, to oxygen. Therefore, when it comes to using timber, we [...]

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   Sep 07

Some Eco Products for Autumn

Autumn is a time when the days start to get shorter, the temperature gets colder and we have to rely more on the central heating and electric lights. Autumn, therefore, is a good time to prepare for winter and make use of some great eco friendly gadgets that will save us money in the winter [...]

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   Sep 04

Can we Solve the Carrier Bag Conundrum

You don’t have to be an active ecologist to know that plastic bags are a big problem for the environment. Plastic bags are not biodegradable, in other words, they linger in the environment for years without rotting. This means in every landfill, there are billions of plastic bags that will be there for years to [...]

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