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   Oct 31

Why a Good Night’s Sleep is so Important

Most people know that sleep is important, and yet, in the UK, the vast majority of people do not get enough sleep. Whether it is because we are staying up too late or we struggle to get off once we get into bed, not having enough sleep could be having detrimental effects on our health. [...]

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   Oct 29

Preparing your Home for Winter

Now that summer is over and autumn has arrived, it is time to think about preparing your home for winter and doing what you can to reduce the cost of heating your home. With record high gas and electric prices, even small measures can make a big difference to our quarterly fuel bills over winter, [...]

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   Oct 25

Where Next for Gas and Electric Prices

The price of gas and electric has become a big political issue. With suppliers now charging record amounts from consumers. People have become so sick of these high prices that politicians on both sides of the divide have said enough is enough. It has been announced that energy companies will now be forced to tell [...]

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   Oct 23

Where to find Free Firewood

Perhaps the cheapest and most eco friendly way of heating your home is to use an open fire or wood burning stove. With today’s record high gas and electric prices, burning wood on a fire can dramatically reduce your home heating bills. However, seasoned wood to burn on a fire still costs money, but one [...]

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   Oct 21

The History of British Wool

Wool bedding is soft, gentle on the skin and keeps your body at a comfortable temperature. Despite all our advances in technology, nothing can match the pure comfort, warmth or the qualities of wool. Even astronauts wear wool inside the International Space Station because of its comfort, while trawlermen around the globe have never found [...]

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   Oct 19

Creating an Eco Nursery

Bringing up a baby in an environmentally friendly way is not just about ideology. While it is certainly kinder to the environment to be more eco-friendly, bring up a baby in a chemical free and organic world is better for their health and well-being too. Some 100,000 chemicals are used in the products we buy, [...]

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   Oct 17

Log Stores, Log Makers and Natural Fuels

In recent years, possibly due to the spiralling prices from our gas and electricity providers, more and more people are returning to open fires, wood burning stoves and the burning of natural fuels. Wood burning has pros and cons when it comes to the environment. While it does produce smoke, which contains green house gases, [...]

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   Oct 15

Dust Mite Prevention

Dust mites are one of the biggest causes for allergies in both adults and children. Potentially serious conditions such as asthma can also be caused, and aggravated by, dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that flourish in warm, dark places, and eat human skin cells. This means that one of the most likely places [...]

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   Oct 12

Keeping Green in the Gym

Many of us like to keep fit. Keeping our bodies fit is important to remain healthy and to prevent obesity and other conditions. However, while we may think we are doing a good thing by going to the gym a couple of times a week, gyms are not the most eco friendly of places. The [...]

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   Oct 09

Why Choose Wool for Babies­

Newborn babies obviously require a lot of care and attention. Nobody wants to take risks with their baby’s health and well-being, which is why most parents take care to sterilise bottles and ensure their babies are always kept warm. One way of protecting a baby when it sleeps is to ensure you use the most [...]

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