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   Dec 31

10 Reasons for Choosing Wool Bedding

Wool bedding is making a comeback. More and more people are realising the benefits of sleeping in a pure wool duvet, wool pillow or wool bed topper.  As a material, wool has many advantages over other bedding fabrics, so iy are wondering why you should go wool, here are ten very good reasons. Suitable for [...]

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   Dec 29

Saving Money on Heating this January

January can be the coldest month of the year and ultimately that means the most expensive when it comes to heating the home. It not only costs us more money to keep warm during January, but also it can be a pretty costly time for the environment. With all our radiators on high, the energy [...]

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   Dec 27

The Cost of Paper Waste

Paper and paper-based products such as cardboard, are one of the most relied upon materials, even in today’s digital age. Everyday, letters, envelopes, newspapers and takeaway menus arrive though most people’s letterboxes, and paper still plays a key role as packaging material for many of the products we buy. At this time of year, even [...]

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   Dec 24

Wool Back in Vogue

Wool has always been an important material for making bedding and clothing in the UK. However, for quite a few years in recent history, due mainly to the rise of synthetic fibres, wool use declined, despite the fact that in most cases it provides a superior and more comfortable material for making clothing and bedding. [...]

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   Dec 23

Winter Garden Clearing

When the indulgences of Christmas are over and the hangover from New Year clears, it can be a time to think about tidying the garden ready for summer. Many of us neglect our gardens during the winter, after all, the lawn doesn’t need mowing and there is very little growing in the shrub rows. Come [...]

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   Dec 19

Logmakers – a Christmas Gift that keeps on Giving

If you know somebody with a wood burning stove or open fire, the Logmaker can make the ideal Christmas gift. A Logmaker is simple, easy to use, and not very expensive, but best of all it is an eco friendly gift that keeps on giving. With a Logmaker, people with wood burning stoves or open [...]

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   Dec 17

A Warm and Cosy Christmas Gift

While Christmas can be a magical time, it can also be pretty cold. At this time of the year, many of us want to stay warm and cosy, especially at night. So, what could be a better Christmas gift for somebody than buying wool bedding. A pure wool duvet, wool pillow, woollen bed topper, or [...]

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   Dec 14

Some Green and Eco Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time of giving, but Christmas is also a time of excess, which can put a strain on the environment. The extra energy used at Christmas and waste that ends up on landfill often means Christmas is one of the least environmentally friendly times of year. However, it doesn’t have to be like [...]

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