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A Helping Hand to Winter Wildlife

   Oct 18

A Helping Hand to Winter Wildlife

Winter is a tough time for many of us. Long, dark nights, the cold and the cost of keeping warm make it an unfavourable time of year for many people, but as harsh as winter is for us, for our local wildlife, winter can prove even harsher.

For much of our local wildlife, winter is a difficult time. Difficulties in finding somewhere to hibernate, scarcity of food, not to mention the extremely cold climate means that many animals perish at this time of year.


Robins struggle for shelter in the winter

While many of the birds that spend the warmer months on our shores depart for warmer climes during the colder months, many non-migratory birds, such as the much beloved robin, have to endure the cold temperatures of a British winter. Food and shelter is often a problem for many birds at this time of year, especially with fewer and fewer evergreen trees and bushes in people’s gardens, making nesting increasingly difficult.

Bird nesters, bird feeders and bird tables are essential for native species at this time of year. You don’t need a big garden and many nesters and bird tables are inexpensive and easy to install. You need to make sure they are inaccessible to local cats, but by having a bird table or nester in your garden you get the benefit of seeing these beautiful creatures in your garden.


Hedgehog House

A species under severe threat, the hedgehog is a beloved inhabitant that is also useful, helping get rid of slugs and other pests from the garden. A hibernating animal, hedgehogs struggle to find places to rest up during the winter, commonly crawling under bonfires, which can result in tragedy.

A hedgehog house provides a safe, secure and cosy environment for hedgehogs over winter will go a long way in helping build up the dwindling numbers of these endangered animals. Just choose a quiet position out of the wind in and in an area with some nearby cover, and you will tempt these curious and delightful animals into your garden.

Frog and Toad House

Frog & Toad House

With garden ponds and pools freezing over during the winter, frogs and toads also struggle in the winter and most species need to hibernate. Also a useful garden animal that enjoys eating the bests that devour our shrubs, frogs and toads are also on the decline. Finding a safe environment is extremely difficult for these little amphibians, especially as few people have rockeries these days. A frog and toad house provides an attractive and safe environment that helps both frogs and toads survive the colder months.


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