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Bird Tables and Feeders to Help Winter Wildlife

   Oct 24

Bird Tables and Feeders to Help Winter Wildlife

As mentioned before on this blog winter is a difficult time for our local wildlife, and none have it as bad as our local bird species. Robins, tits and chaffinches really struggle to eke out a living during the harsh winter months, so feeding birds can really help these beautiful creatures survive through the colder months.

Refectory bird table

Feeding birds brings other benefits too. By installing a bird table or feeder into your garden, you’ll encourage more birds into the garden, and nothing is more delightful than watching birds fluttering around the back garden.

Bird tables and bird feeders are inexpensive and easy to install in almost any garden, but there are a few rules as to where to position a bird feeder or table. To prevent predators from gaining aces to the birds, such as cats, feeders and bird tables should be kept quite high, but avoid hanging feeders too close to tree trunks as it will encourage squirrels to steal the food put out for the birds..

Bird feeder


Type of food to put out

You can’t provide all the nutrients necessary for birds on a bird table, as their diet is very varied, but you can supplement natural berries, worms and other food stuffs with bird seeds and other foods.

Birds love all sorts of seeds, but in particular, sunflower seeds–black sunflower seeds have higher oil contents than striped ones, and so they are much better–and Nyjer seeds, which are small, black and also have high oil content.

Other foods are great for birds in the winter to. Cakes and biscuits provide birds with energy because of the high fat content, and peanuts are a favourite to many species too. Avoid putting out mouldy food though, as many moulds can cause illness.

Looking after your bird table or feeder

Like humans, birds are susceptible to food poisoning and illness, which can prove fatal during the in winter. It’s a good idea to regularly clean your bird table, removing any food that has been left for a long time. Clean any mess and guano from the bird table or feeder using hot soapy water, but avoid using powerful detergents and bleaches, which could taint the food and put the birds off eating it.




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