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   Feb 28

Some Eco Friendly Laundry and Cleaning Products

Doing the laundry and cleaning is not a job many people enjoy. Worst of all, cleaning is also one of the least eco friendly of chores. All the hot water, electricity, detergents and cleaning products means washing clothes and cleaning the house can be pretty unkind to the environment. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be [...]

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   Feb 05

Hot Water Saving

We all know that saving energy and using energy saving devices such as radiator panels, electricity monitors and having adequate insulation is beneficial for the environment. Cutting down on energy mean fewer emissions are pumped into the atmosphere that contribute to climate change. However, it is just as important to cut down on the amount [...]

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   Jul 24

Go Eco Friendly with your Bathroom

While it has been an extremely wet so far this year and the drought warnings that emerged at the beginning of summer have now all been lifted, water shortage is still a real threat. Saving water is important for several reasons. Firstly, the more water we waste, the less water is available and the more [...]

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   May 13

Bedding and Towels – the Natural Way

Buying eco friendly products is not always about thinking what is best for the environment. Sometimes, buying eco products can be better for our health and wellbeing too, and a good example is in the types of materials that make up our bedroom and bathroom linen. Many of our duvets, towels and other linen are often made [...]

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   Mar 15

UK Drought Worst in 30 Years

Britain is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years, officials have said. Hosepipe bans have already been put in place in many regions and all of us are being asked to save as much water as possible. This water shortage is due to the country having experienced one of its driest winters in years, leaving [...]

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