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   Mar 04

The Rise of the Wood Burner

Last year, 180,000 wood burning stoves were installed in British homes. With record high energy prices and growing concerns about the environment, more and more people are turning to natural methods such as wood burning to heat their homes. Unlike open fires, which lose a lot of heat up the chimney, wood burning stoves are [...]

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   Feb 16

Comparison: Three Log Making Products

Making your own fuel out of recycled paper can be a real money saver for people with an open fire or wood burning stove. Not only can you make free fuel with a log maker, bug also you can cu down on the amount of waste you throw out. Log makers come in various types, [...]

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   Jan 29

Going Green on a Budget – Eco products under £20

One of the main arguments some people level at eco friendly products, is that they can be expensive, especially compared to alternative non-green products. And in some cases this can be true. An energy saving washing machine, for instance, may require more research and development, higher costs for materials and require more expensive components than [...]

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   Jan 11

The Actual £££ Savings Eco Products can make according to Which

For those people who are skeptical about the cost benefits of eco friendly products, new independent tests from acclaimed consumer magazine Which has revealed some amazing results. The magazine, which tests all sorts of consumer items, from washing machines to lap tops, recently tested a range of eco friendly products to see exactly how much money they [...]

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   Jan 09

Looking after a Log Burning Fireplace

  Logmakers are the perfect accessory for people with an open fire because they enable you to turn recyclable materials such as old newspapers into slow burning fuel that provides free heat. However, just as important in providing a fire with enough fuel, ensuring it is properly maintained is also essential. After all, installing and [...]

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   Dec 19

Logmakers – a Christmas Gift that keeps on Giving

If you know somebody with a wood burning stove or open fire, the Logmaker can make the ideal Christmas gift. A Logmaker is simple, easy to use, and not very expensive, but best of all it is an eco friendly gift that keeps on giving. With a Logmaker, people with wood burning stoves or open [...]

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   Nov 19

The Great Wind Farm Debate

Wind farms have been in the headlines a lot recently. While most people are aware of the need to turn to more eco friendly energy sources, wind farms receive fierce opposition whenever there are plans to build one in a community. So much so, politicians are debating the future of wind power in the UK, [...]

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   Oct 29

Preparing your Home for Winter

Now that summer is over and autumn has arrived, it is time to think about preparing your home for winter and doing what you can to reduce the cost of heating your home. With record high gas and electric prices, even small measures can make a big difference to our quarterly fuel bills over winter, [...]

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   Oct 03

Guest Post: Tips to Save Money on Fuel

With a lot of people now struggling financially, it has never been as important as now to save as much money as possible. One of the main expenses for a lot of households tends to be motoring; and in particular, it is related to the ongoing cost of fuel. Surely, this is something that can [...]

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   Sep 24

How Eco is your Kitchen?

Kitchens are busy hubs. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and do multiple tasks from washing up and cooking, to doing the laundry. This means the kitchen is also one of the most energy consuming rooms in the home. Not only are kitchens full of various electrical appliances, from the food mixer [...]

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