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   Dec 29

Saving Money on Heating this January

January can be the coldest month of the year and ultimately that means the most expensive when it comes to heating the home. It not only costs us more money to keep warm during January, but also it can be a pretty costly time for the environment. With all our radiators on high, the energy [...]

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   Oct 29

Preparing your Home for Winter

Now that summer is over and autumn has arrived, it is time to think about preparing your home for winter and doing what you can to reduce the cost of heating your home. With record high gas and electric prices, even small measures can make a big difference to our quarterly fuel bills over winter, [...]

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   Sep 21

A Look at some of the best Heat Energy Savers

Heating our homes, especially in the winter, accounts for a large chink of our quarterly energy bills. Heating costs a lot, especially with today’s high electricity and gas prices and anything you can do to reduce the cost of heating must surely be welcomed. Of course, most people have heard how adequate insulation and a [...]

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   Aug 20

Understanding the Concepts of Insulation and Draught Proofing

Saving energy isn’t just about kitting the home out with energy saving gadgets. Perhaps the simplest methods of saving energy is to ensure it is not being wasted unnecessarily. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to prevent all the heat escaping from your home. However, by ensuring you have adequate insulation and [...]

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   Jul 06

Draught Proofing Solutions

Few things you can do to save energy are as cheap, easy and as effective as draught proofing. Draughts and unnecessary ventilation can be responsible for almost a third of heat loss from a home. Older homes tend to suffer from more draught problems than newer properties, but the good news is that they are [...]

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   Jan 27

How Eco Friendly is your Front Door?

One area of the home where a lot of heat gets lost is the front door. Depending on how busy your home is, with kids coming and going all the time, front doors can be forever being opened and closed letting the heat escape and allowing cold draughts to get in. Of course, we all [...]

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   Jan 13

Get Free Loft Insulation from your Gas and Electric Supplier

Loft and cavity insulation are fundamental in helping to save energy and money. Because heat rises, preventing it from escaping out of the home makes your home heating system more effective and efficient. Loft and cavity insulation does cost a fair amount to install, however, due to government rules intended to make gas and electricity [...]

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   Jan 01

Going Eco Friendly in 2012 – Room by Room Ideas

The New Year is the perfect time for people to start living a little greener and reducing the amount of energy they use and becoming all round more eco friendly. Getting started can be tricky, however, so a good approach is to look at the home room by room and work out ways you can [...]

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   Dec 12

An Eco Winter – Keeping Warm and Saving Energy

As the weather gets colder, inevitably we spend money in maintaining the temperature of our homes. Of course, this also means we are using more energy, but it is possible to keep warm while saving both energy and money by making small changes around the home. One of the biggest causes of poor energy efficiency [...]

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   Nov 07

Growth of Eco Housing

A new eco-friendly housing estate has been for Airedale, Yorkshire, which the local council has said will cut tenant’s energy by bills by nearly a half. The 91 homes, being built by Wakefield and District Housing, will have solar panels, heat ventilation systems, triple glazed windows, highly insulated walls and water recycling units, making the [...]

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