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   Aug 30

Options and Considerations for Eco Motoring

We all know that driving is bad for the environment. The emissions from cars are responsible for contributing to climate change, with a gallon of petrol releasing 20Ibs of Co2 into the atmosphere through our exhausts. Furthermore, while catalytic converters and unleaded petrol have made motoring cleaner, car emissions still pollute air quality and contain [...]

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   Mar 17

Eco Cars Unveiled in Geneva

Last week’s Geneva Motor Show, traditionally an annual display of gas guzzling sports cars by manufacturers such as Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes, was this year dominated by the electric, hybrid and eco car designs. Eco cars used to be poorly received by the motoring press, with their clunky looks and poor performance failing to capture [...]

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   Jan 25

January Eco News

New Laws to Make Washing Powder more Eco Friendly The EU has introduced new laws to curb the amount of harmful chemicals in washing powders and tablets. All washing powders and detergents, including those for the dishwasher, will have to be virtually phosphorous free from June 2013. Phosphorous in washing powders have a harmful effect [...]

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   Jan 21

Buying an Eco Friendly Car

When it comes to getting a new car, thinking eco friendly is high up on most people’s agenda. Not only are eco friendly cars better for the environment, emitting less harmful gases out of the exhaust, but also eco friendly cars provide more mileage for each gallon of petrol, saving money, which considering the high [...]

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   Jul 16

Cab Drivers on Eco Friendly Drive

Cab drivers up and down the country are in a drive to save fuel this month as part of an eco-friendly challenge organised by fuel company, Shell. The Smarter Cab Drivers Challenge is a month-long driving challenge to help cab drivers become more fuel-efficient in their driving, which wil not ony help the environment but also [...]

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   Nov 11

Winter Car Servicing – Don’t Get Caught Out

As the cold weather arrives and we begin to wrap up warm many of ensure our homes are running efficiently too, perhaps installing some eco-friendly gadgets to help us save money and use less energy. But we should also look at cars at this time of year as a badly maintained car has more of [...]

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   May 01

Ten Ways to go Green and Save Money – Eco Friendly Advice from Worldwatch

Environmental research and conservation has moved a long way in the last few decades. What was once a fringe movement now involves scientists and research institutes from across the world who try and identify and address the problems caused by our presence on the environment. Once such thinktank is Worldwatch, a leading research institute that [...]

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   Mar 07

Eco Motoring – Recent Environmental Technologies in Cars

It was the Geneva Motor Show last week and while many people assume that motoring and an eco friendly lifestyle don’t go hand in hand, some of the cars at last weeks show may prove them wrong. Eco motoring was the big subject of Geneva this year with some of the top car manufacturers revealing [...]

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   Feb 18

Looking to go Eco? – Tips to get you started.

Part one: Everyday, more and more people decide to make an effort to help the environment. This is great news for the planet but often, people give up quite quickly, either because they are confused with so many mixed messages about the environment, or because living green seems like hard work. But trying to be [...]

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   Jan 28

The Eco Friendly Motorist

Cars are often cited as being damaging to the environment and a prime cause of climate change, and while cars are being manufactured to be more environmental friendly and we the motorist reduce the amount of travelling we do -  driving is still a necessity for many people. However, there is much that a motorist [...]

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