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   Mar 08

The Versatility of Wool

Despite being one of the oldest textiles used by mankind, wool lost popularity for many years. It had a stuffy image and was something only grannies knitted or only frumpy people wore. Thankfully, that has changed. Wool has had a resurgence in recent years and is now one of those in-vogue fabrics. And this is [...]

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   Jun 03

The Changing Face of Eco Fashion

It has taken a long time, but the fashion world is finally taking eco clothing seriously. Environmentally friendly clothing has always suffered from a bit of dour image, with the idea that for clothing to be eco friendly it has to be made of hemp of sack cloth, but these paradigm is changing and more [...]

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   Mar 27

Organic is not just about Vegetables

Organic foods have been with us for a long time now. An increasing number of people are choosing to buy organic produce when they do their weekly shopping. And it’s no surprise. With all the chemicals, intensive farming methods and additives that are added to regular food, buying organic ensures we are eating a more [...]

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   Oct 02

Christmas Around the Corner–Some Eco Friendly Gifts

It may only be the beginning of October but already the supermarkets and high street are beginning their Christmas promotions. Starting your preparations for Christmas is something many of us try to do, to prevent that last-minute rush, and ensure we have bought gifts for everybody we know. Shopping for eco-friendly gifts is not easy, [...]

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   Sep 01

Latest Eco News

New Eco Glamour Magazine A new online magazine centred on eco fashion, style and glamour has just been released. Ideal for those wanting to look great and still maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle, Eco Glamazine is edited by eco-savy makeup artist Lauren Day. Famous for her LaurenDayMakeup beauty blog and youtube channel, Lauren has a true [...]

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   Jun 02

Wool-Nature’s Eco Material

One of the basic tenants of being eco-friendly and looking for green products is the use of natural materials. Unlike man-made materials such as polyester and nylon, nature provides us with wholly natural and eco-friendly materials. Synthetic and artificial materials are produced from oil or other chemicals and these have several effects, not just on [...]

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   Feb 21

Eco Fashion on The Rise

Eco fashion used to only appeal to a minority of people as many eco materials and clothing were unappealing with little style – often hemp-based and only worn by fringe groups. However, increasingly eco-fashion is becoming mainstream with more high street stores stocking it and some eco-clothing designers exhibiting their items at shows like the [...]

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   Feb 17

Why Choose to go Eco-friendly

More and more people are choosing to buy eco-friendly products and live their lives in a more environmentally conscious way. And while care for the environment is a primary concern for most people there are other advantages to eco-friendly products. People are becoming more eco-aware these days as the threat of global warming and climate [...]

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   Sep 30

Being Green Doesn’t Mean Being Square

Often, people can think eco friendly and green products are quite dull. Energy saving and environmentally conscious products don’t evoke much excitement in people but green ideas and innovations don’t have to be dull. Not only are many eco friendly products very modern and useful, some of them are at the cutting edge of technology, [...]

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   Aug 14

The Bamboo Wardrobe – Eco Clothing for any Occasion

When you mention bamboo most people think of the long cane-like grass much favoured by gardeners and pandas. So when you talk about a bamboo wardrobe people may assume you are talking about the closet itself and not its contents. However, bamboo is not only a useful building material it can be turned into a [...]

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