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   Jan 18

Some Eco Interior and Furnishing Ideas

When it comes to eco friendly products, most people think of energy saving gadgets, insulation, heat savers and other ways to save money. However, radiator panels, energy monitors and solar powered chargers are not the only types of eco product available, and not all green and environmentally friendly products have to be overtly practical or [...]

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   Aug 04

Don’t you have a Log Store yet?

While summer is a time to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, we should always be mindful that it won’t be long until the cold weather arrives and we’ll need to start turning on the heating. An increasing number of people are now turning back to more natural methods of heating a home and sales [...]

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   May 07

Eco Bedding can Provide a Better Night Sleep

Summertime, while providing us with pleasant days to enjoy the sunshine can also give some people trouble at night. Hot sticky summers lead a lot of people to toss and turn all night and struggle to get to sleep. Keeping cool is important to get a good night’s sleep. The sleep council suggest that not [...]

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   Aug 10

Eco Chic Garden Furniture

Eco friendly products have now penetrated nearly every aspect of our lives. From energy efficiency around the home to eco friendly clothing, the eco movement seems to be everywhere. However, there are always a number of people that are put off going eco because they feel eco products lake the designer names and panache of [...]

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   Jul 21

Eco-chic Furniture and Furnishings

There are some fantastic eco-friendly furniture and furnishings available that can create the ideal eco-chic image in almost any home. From rustic chairs to reclaimed timber tables there are a wide range of sustainable, recycled and reclaimed items around. Here are some of the most eco-chic furniture and furnishings: Recycled Teak Coffee Table Recycled teak [...]

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