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   Aug 27

Can you have a Green Wedding?

No matter how eco friendly you think you are, or how good your intentions are towards the environment, there are some occasions where all these good intentions go out the window. Weddings are flamboyant affairs, and quite right too. Nobody wants to scrimp during his or her big day or cut back on all the [...]

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   May 05

The Eco Chef

You only have to turn the TV on these days to be faced with a plethora of cooking advice. Celebrity chefs are everywhere, offering advice as to how to cook everything from basic meals to elegant banquets. However, what few cooking programmes fail to cover, is how to prepare and cook food in an environmentally [...]

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   Apr 10

Cutting down on Energy use in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most energy demanding rooms in the home. Nearly everything we do in the kitchen requires energy, so by making changes and being more eco in the kitchen we can make a big difference to our annual energy consumption and save a little money in the long run too. Many [...]

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   Dec 31

Eco Kitchen – eco friendly appliances

The kitchen is a very busy part of the home, especially at this time of year with all the dinners that need to be prepared, not to mention the clothes washing and other chores that can only be done in the kitchen. There is a multitude of appliances and tools in the average kitchen that [...]

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   Sep 18

Some Great Eco Water Saving Gadgets

As the effects of our energy consumption affects climate change, energy saving is commonly thought of when people think of the environment, but there are other important forms of conservation that are just as imporatant. Water is obviously vital for human survival but it is quite easily taken for granted in modern homes and cities. [...]

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   Jul 09

White Goods and Appliances – Buying Eco

Many of the most power hungry devices in our home are situated in the kitchen. The white goods; fridges, freezers, ovens, washing machines, and driers account for a large chink of both our energy bills and Co2 emissions. And while there are alternative methods of cooking, cleaning and washing clothes, we still need our appliances. [...]

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   Jul 02

Some Eco Kitchen Ideas – Saving Energy, Money and Time

The kitchen is one of busiest places in the house and as such it is one of the most energy hungry area too. We do our cooking and clothes washing from the kitchen not to mention the dish-washing and cleaning – all of which takes energy. Cutting down on our energy consumption in the kitchen [...]

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   Jun 25

Water Shortages This Summer?

It seems we can’t go more than a few days with a bit of warm weather without the fear of a hosepipe ban. However, water preservation and conservation is a serious matter and while many of us find it a frustration in the summer, the consequences of our annual water shortage could be a lot [...]

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   May 20

Top Five Eco Kitchen Tips – Saving Money and Energy in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest places around the home so it should be no surprise that it is also the area where we consume the most energy. Cooking and washing and drying clothes consume a large proportion of household energy use and makes up a large portion of your household carbon footprint too. [...]

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   May 19

Ten Tips to Slash Your Electricity Bill

We all want to save money on our fuel bills and there are plenty of devices and tips on how you can do so. Here are my favourite top ten tips and ideas to slash your electricity bill: 10. Energy Monitors – why not invest in an electricity monitor? These will let you keep an [...]

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