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   Feb 22

Thinking Green at the Office

While many of us take pains to be green around the home, making sure we recycle, save energy and use eco friendly products, few of us make the same effort when we are at work. All too often, green intentions disappear at the office door and the pressures of our jobs lead us to waste [...]

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   Nov 29

Being Greener around the Home Office

With so many people working from home now, we have far more opportunities to be a bit greener when it comes to working. We may think that home working is good for the environment, after all, we are not using petrol to travel to and from work, but we are still having an impact when [...]

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   Aug 13

Back to School and Being Eco-friendly

While the kids are off enjoying the summer holiday, mums and dads are already beginning to think about the return to school. Back to school can be an expensive time, not just for parent’s pockets, but also for the environment. Getting to School Too many children are given lifts to school, even when they only [...]

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   Mar 11

Why an Eco Friendly Office is an Efficient Office

Businesses are always looking to save money. Lowering costs, reducing waste and being more efficient is all part of good business practice, and yet businesses are throwing money away every day–and damaging the environment in the process. Often managers and business owners are not too concerned about being eco-friendly and looking after the environment, but [...]

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   Feb 24

Green Business – Go Eco Friendly at Work

It’s great news that so many people are now living a lot greener and more eco friendly. Eco friendly products like recycling bins and energy saving light-bulbs are now commonplace around the home and more and more people are investing in other eco-friendly solutions and products like energy monitors. However, one area where we often [...]

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   Dec 21

Saving Money in the Winter Months – Money Saving Tips for Home and Office

The winter brings with it more than just the cold and dark nights. Quite often winter is a time of high bills and large running costs especially if you have a home to run and a business. And with many of us now working at home and trying to run an office in the house, [...]

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   Dec 15

Stand-by Savers and Energy Monitors

One of the biggest struggle throughout the cold winter months is trying to keep those large heating and lighting bills down. This time of year is an expensive one; with Christmas around the corner the last thing most of us need is huge heating bills landing on the mat in the New Year. Fortunately there [...]

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   Dec 07

Latest Eco News – Home solar power just got cheaper

For many people generating our own electricity from the sun is an expensive pipe dream, especially those of us that live in cloudy Britain. However, a new report published by the European Union’s Energy Institute, suggests otherwise. They suggest that solar power could be used to heat half the homes in Europe by 2020 and [...]

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   Dec 03

The Green Office – Eco Friendly Tips for Work

There are many areas of our lives where we are concious of the environment. Most of us recycle, switch the lights and appliances off when we are not using them and some of us have even traded our cars in for more economical models, However, there is one large area of our lives where many [...]

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